Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tea Time

Many people in my life enjoy a good cup of tea, including me. Those of my generation are usually happy with grocery store types of tea. However, the younger people have been experimenting with trendy things from places like Teavana and David's Tea.
The other day, over on Heather's blog, Books and Quilts, I saw these tea wallets. I decided that I needed to make a couple for my favourite tea snobs.
Today, I was tidying my sewing room, in preparation for my 28 day DaGMT 2013. I found a couple of fat quarters that went together but didn't fit in my stash. They had come from a grab bag I received from a shop hop in October.
See how tidy my cutting table is!
So, I did a little procraftination (or started my challenge early), and I made the fat quarters into 4 tea wallets.
I think they look wonderful, for something that took less than an hour to complete. I did substitute some muslin for the interfacing, because I found a scrap as I was tidying. (See the ironing board is clear, too)
Meanwhile, I found the borders that I started for a Laurel Birch Christmas panel, and I have decided to make it my first UFO to complete in February.
Not a bad start to my sewing challenge.

Meanwhile, if you hate those Prove you are a human quizes that are on some bloggers comment areas, I thought you might like this article from the BBC.


  1. Very cute! My son (27) has taken to preferring tea over coffee (likes the 'fruity' herbals), so I'll have to check these out and make one to tuck in with his birthday gift (June). Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love these! I'm a sorta tea snob. I like a hard-to-find grocery store brand. Does that count? King Cole.

  3. Love the fabric that you used for the tea wallets. I still have a few to make and then my sister, nieces etc can select which ones they like.

    Will be back to see your ufo progress.

  4. So fun! I love tea so this is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Neat idea. I enjoyed the article, I hope it does get better.

  6. Too bad coffee didn't come in little packets for cute quiltlets! :) ah, dear, robots!

  7. You chose lovely fabrics for these tea wallets. Also I read somewhere that the inventor of Captcha is very sorry for all the misery he has caused....