Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Retreat 2013

I went, with a group of friends, to the Nav Centre in Cornwall, ON, to spend 2 days of uninterrupted quilting and sewing.

We had a lovely time. It is wonderful not to have to worry about the cooking or even make your bed. We just sew and eat!

I got a few Christmas gifts finished (and one about 2/3 finished.) If you are on my Christmas list and read this, try to look surprised when you open the gift!

First I made some pillowcases.

I think they will suit the recipients. (See the kitty peeking over the hem of the red on?)

Then I made a couple of tabletoppers.

I love how different they look, even though they are made from the same fabric.  Although it doesn't look like it from a distance, this is Christmas fabric. It is Holiday Flourish by Kaufman. I love these tabletoppers, perfect for a round table.

I started another project, but I ran out of time (and needed a zipper).


  1. It's always a nice feeling when you can get ahead on your Christmas gifts. The best ones are handmade too. Good for you.

  2. I haven't been to a retreat in a few years, it is definitely time. Would love the leisure of sewing, followed by more sewing and then maybe a bit of knitting and some one else to cook. such fun.

  3. Those toppers are indeed ideal for round tables! I'm sure your gifts will be well appreciated -- and doesn't it feel good to have them finished already!