Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Artistic Lull

Between the hot weather and an appointment I had to deal with this week, knitting seems to have been the art of choice.

Alberta continues. The rows are now about 450 stitches so I am lucky if I get two rows done in a day.

It lends itself to afternoon knitting, in natural sunlight. I can see the end. I have only 1 1/2 charts left to knit. I hope my beads hold out.

The long rows caused me to look for something simpler.

This is the Ten Stitch Blanket. Ten stitches per row, and you go round and round until it is big enough. the yarn is Bernat Baby Jacquard, so it changes colour as you knit, perfect for a project like this. This is my fourth attempt to get it to work. I think I've got it now. Earlier attempts, with a smaller needle, wouldn't lay flat.

I received a gift last week, from my dear friend, Cheryl.

It's Doug, doing yoga, on a yoga shirt!  Cheryl has done some artwork for a local company called Ladybird Knitwear. Cheryl knew how much I would love Doug on a shirt. It is too nice to sweat into, I think. I'm thinking loungewear, with a pair of leggings.

I must admit, Doug is much better at a triangle pose, than I am. I can't get my hand on the floor.

Yesterday, Baxter had a vet check, and his leg was declared sound. So, he is off to a new home, and Maddie has come to enjoy our Kitty Resort and Spa.

She has been in the shelter for awhile, so she is starting to enjoy the amenities of the resort. However, she is still a bit bothered by the security staff.


  1. Wow. Lots going on in your world! I really like the 10-stitch blanket. Had to go and see the pattern for myself. I'm using a much lighter colour of wool for my Alberta, so I can stitch later in the evening. I can understand how yours would be hard to see. Glad you like the yoga shirt! You didn't tell the world that you got me that gig, and therefore deserved a treat in return. Maddie's very pretty. I'm glad Baxter's doing so well he can be adopted now.

  2. Cheryl's artistic talent spreads far again, and as for Maddie, she knows where a safe place is and can always hide for safety under a blue jacket. Doug on a shirt, perfect for resting a while!!!

  3. Dug is a star. Love your shawl, hope the beads holds out, just long enough. Maddie looks like she has settle in and is happy in her kitty spa and retreat!

  4. You go, Doug! Maddie, if I had a vacancy I would love you to come and live here......but you probably wouldn't like the journey, it's such a long way. What an interesting blanket design, I have just added it to my Ravelry queue.

  5. Yep, those long rows can be daunting. I'm almost finished my shawl. These last few rows have 400+ stitches and take awhile to do. However, they are entirely in garter stitch, so it's really easy to pick up and put down in the middle of a row. I can't do that if there's any sort of complicated pattern. I can't wait to see yours finished!

    Is it hard to let the kitties go? I'd become attached and want to keep them all. Baxter was such a beauty. I hope Maddie enjoys her stay.

  6. The shawl is looking great.
    i haven't heard of the ten stitch blanket, great idea and perfect for that yarn.
    Cheryl is a wonderful artist, I commissioned her to do a piece for my sister and they loved it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.