Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Drop Everything 2017

For the last few years, I have tried to take the twenty minute challenge for the month of February. How hard can it be, spending at least 20 minutes every day for 28 days doing something I love? Sadly, I think we all tend to put ourselves last, so, maybe for February at least, I can try to give myself this treat.

So, for I think the fifth year in a row, here is my pledge:

I, Kate, an easily distracted sewist and quilter (squirrel),  pledge to quilt or sew for at least 20 minutes  every day of the month of February, 2017. In doing so, I hope to get something (really anything ) DONE, reducing the amount that my family will have to dispose of later. I will also endeavor,  as far as possible, to use the supplies I already have on hand, to complete my projects.  In this way, I hope to further reduce my materials at hand.

Last year I completed this bag. And it was entirely from my stash.

I obviously need a new handbag, this one is so last year.

I need to get a couple of tote bag samples finished, and today, I got off to a good start for the month.

I cut the fabric for the back of the first bag, cut some batting and did some quilting. I was looking through my thread stash and found the perfect thread. I think it followed me home from a quilt show a few years ago.

Doesn't everyone have a spool of thread in shades of hot pink, turquoise, purple, and royal blue?

It disappears on the Laurel Burch fabric.

The back of the bag is a solid piece of fabric, and I think I might have some fun and quilt the whole thing with this.


  1. Of course you need a new handbag! When the current heatwave is over (my brain cells are slowly frying off, I'm sure there are a few less every day) I shall do the same thing.

  2. I love last year's bag, but that thread and those fabrics go so well together, this year will have a new super one in no time.

  3. Just the feel of thread I need for this whacky purple quilts that needs to be finished yesterday. For the past couple of years you have inspired me to take this challenge, it has motivated me to reduce my stash and finish works in progress. It is a fantastic way to making many beautiful creations. Bags? Can I be on that list?....

  4. I, too, love last year's bag. I'm sure the new one is going to be just as lovely. Love the colours and that thread is to die for.

    I'm easily distracted, too. This house is overrun with squirrels.

  5. I love last years bag...does it need a new home? I am also trying to finish projects by sewing each day...miss seeing you at Anitas

  6. Love your fabric and thread! No, I do not have one like it in my stash, but I wish I did.