Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Diaper Bag

I received a request for a diaper bag.  We consulted and settled on the Highline Tote by Betz White. The tote was the September pattern for the Bag of the Month Club. (link in sidebar)

The tote has a lot of interesting elements, so, as usual, I have lots of pieces to put together. I am currently at Step 15 of 40. I have completed the two outer pockets.

I love the way the fabric is coming together.

The main fabric is "The Fox and The Houndstooth".

Aren't they dapper fellows?

The lining is "Polar Pals".

Canadian babies need silver foxes with toques inside their diaper bag.

There are a total of 4 zippers in this bag. The first is under the flap at the front.

I have long had a hard time sewing the hook side of hook and loop tape, because the hooks tend to catch my thread. I figured out that if you take your thread snips and clip off the tops of the hooks in the seam allowance, the problem is solved. Why didn't I think of that sooner?

We had a visitor on the weekend. My grandcat, Mike, was staying with us. He was a huge help in cutting and fusing the interfacing.

Monday, October 10, 2016


The turkey is in the oven. It is just a breast because the family came yesterday and wanted roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding. Today it is just us and the pets. Turkey fans, all.

Fall has finally arrived. It was 5C when we went walking this morning.  I picked this up on my walk,

I think it is quite interesting that the leaf still has some green. The whole tree had leaves that looked like that. The trees in the park this morning were many different fall colours, red, orange, brown and green. Time to get out the woolies.

I haven't gotten much sewing done this week. I had a bunch of meetings and waiting to do. That means I got a lot of knitting done.

I blocked the finished pieces this afternoon.

I bought a set of blocking mats a couple of years ago. My projects have gotten bigger, so a few weeks ago, I bought a second set. They don't mesh with the first set. My husband was going to the building supply store so i asked him to pick me up a set there (where I got the first set). Guess what! They don't mesh with either set. Now I am afraid to try again.  I was having a bit of trouble making them work for my shawl.

The Gondola Shawl is finished. I will take a better picture when it is dry. You can see where the mats are butted together. It's not a perfect solution.

These tiny socks are perfect carry along projects and use up the ends of my sock yarn. This pair is in size 12 months. I didn't try to make them match, because I wasn't sure I had enough yarn, but at least you can tell they are a pair.

A little hat, using a ball of My First Regia and a bit of leftover white from the lace socks of last winter.

I knit about half of this while I attended a very long and boring meeting. I can pay attention much better when my hands are busy. However, the gentleman sitting next to me kept staring at my knitting. I wasn't sure if he disapproved or was afraid of the wild woman with the pointy sticks.  I don't really care, because I have gotten a good start on a requested Christmas present. I love this yarn. I think I may have a second ball. It might need to become a hat.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Gotta Go Bag

My Dad had a silly thing he said, along the lines of " I thought I was wrong once, then realized that I was mistaken." Well, I did one of those today.

I completed my Gotta Go bag. I got the pattern on my last shopping spree. A friend bought it for me, after I promised to make her one. This is my first attempt and it's a good thing I am keeping it for me.

Here are those cute kitties at the movies.

That fabulous handbag is on the other side.

The bag opens into three compartments, and one of them is zippered. (Doggie fabric for the lining).

Card pockets and slip pockets in the outer compartments.

Inner zippered compartment is a bit smaller then the other two.

Room for your phone, a credit card, driver's license, a bit of cash, your keys, all the essentials. Perfect for a trip to a quilt show, or some other outing where you are taking a tote and don't need your whole purse.

Now, for the non-error that I then turned into a real error.

I thought I had put the zipper into the inner compartment, the wrong way, so I figured I would put the outer zipper in the opposite way to the pattern instructions and it would be fixed.

Sadly, I had done the inner zipper correctly, and now the outer zipper runs into the wrist strap. If I had put it in, the way the pattern said, the tail of the zipper would be tacked to the inner pocket on the other side, tidy and out of the way.

I also need to look at the whole construction of the bag. The directions have you scrunching the entire bag between the last pieces, in order to give everything a clean finish, however, the fusible fleece makes the bag very thick and the side pieces are quite small, so sewing is really difficult. My first thought is to use two layers of Shapeflex interfacing on the outer pieces, instead of fusible fleece. I might try canvas with one layer of interfacing, instead of the fleece. I also think a handbag zipper would work better then an all purpose one for the outer zipper.

I got a paper copy of the pattern at a LQS, but you can find a PDF version on Craftsy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Work In Progress

Since we had visitors over the past few days, some of my work in progress has included SHOPPING!

I have been very good about shopping my stash and only buying what I needed, however, I added a few things to the stash, this week.

Some Tula Pink, three pieces were a gift and the other two wanted to come home and play with the others. There are a couple of batiks, to fill a special request, and some polka dots, because who doesn't like bright dots. a total of 3 3/4 yards (or maybe metres) and I have plans for much of it.

Yesterday, I spent some time in waiting rooms, waiting for a dear one. This is the result.
My favourite waiting room project must be baby socks. a tiny bit of love that knits up quickly and I don't really need the pattern. The yarn is leftover from a pair of adult socks from last year, so more stash shopping.

The household cat duties this week have been assigned to Loxley.
He has spent a considerable amount of time in the shelter, so he is delighting in windows, sunbeams, and silly kitty toys. I caught the picture while he was chipmunk watching. The chipmunk was busy emptying the bird feeder.

I got back into my sewing room today, and started a new bag. This one is quite small, good for taking on quick outings. I dipped into my stash and found a wonderful piece I've been saving. It was a gift from one of my sweet friends, who knew I would love it. I have been busy fussy cutting to show it to its best advantage while trying not to waste too much.

The orange cat is knitting. Beside her, a little one is coming over the seat to steal the bag of jelly fishes.

This one has a fabulous handbag.

Obviously, this is a very scary scene in the movie.

I will not be parting with this bag. I will enjoy it thoroughly.

Linking up to WIP Wednesday at The Needle and Thread Network.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Two Timing Again

Last spring, I made a Two Timing Tote, based on a free Sew Along on Sweet Bee Buzzings. A friend saw the tote and asked if I could make one for her.

She is going on a trip, this week, and I got it finished in time for her to take it.

The fabric was chosen from her stash, and she loves green.

The tote has a total of 10 pockets. One on the front and on the back.

One on each end for your water bottle or umbrella.

And six, on the inside.

The top has a zipper, to keep everything securely inside.
I used one of Emmaline's awesome zippers.

I think I should make one of these, for me.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Baby Surprise

My week seemed to zoom by, with me racing to catch up.

I spent a couple of days at the local college helping some lovely ladies hem pants for the new class of culinary students. They all receive two pairs of pants as part of their kitchen uniform. The length on them is one size fits nobody.

This is a small potion of the finished product. There were hundreds of pairs shortened.

I also had a baby shower to attend and the gifts needed to be completed. Since the mom-to-be looks here sometimes, I didn't post the pictures until today. (Of course, finishing the gifts 1 hour before the shower had nothing to do with it.)

This is Baby Surprise Jacket #4, and the first of the four I have knit that I actually have a picture. The rest were given away as soon as they were finished. Probably that one hour before the shower thing.

The buttons are perfect. A lovely hand knit sweater desires handmade buttons.
They were made by the very creative Cheryl, of Grandma Coco's Designs.
If you need some, I hear she has a few more. Contact Cheryl to arrange a purchase.

At the request of the new Mom, I also made a bandana bib.
I found the pattern here, but several other sites have free patterns, too.  I put a snap as the closure and found a perfect one in my stash.

Looks like it belongs on the bandana.

The kittens have grown, and will be up for adoption, soon.
From left to right, that is Dave, Stuart, and Jerry. They are exhausted after creating havoc in the family room.

And finally, a couple of garden pictures.

Now that I have caught up on last week, I am sure this week will start whizzing by.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A New Bag

My Gabby Bag is off to its new owner. With luck it will arrive today. Canada Post is no longer threatening job action, so I sent it off on Monday.

Meanwhile, I got back to my Gondola Shawl.

I am  a bit behind, but I have finished part 2 and am well into part 3. There are only 4 parts in total. I think this small shawl will make a bright scarf in the fall.

I also got a new bag cut out. I always marvel at how many pieces it takes to make a bag.  since many of the pieces are very nearly the same size, I find it is essential to label all the pieces.

This is another Two-Timing Tote, designed by Bethany at Sweet Bee Buzzings.

This bag is a commission and the fabric came from my friend's stash. She wanted green, and what piece will be used where was somewhat determined by the sizes of the pieces she had in her stash. I need to fuse interfacing to all these pieces, and tomorrow is suppose to be cool, so I think this will work out well. I also need to make 2 1/2 metres of piping. Not a hard job, just a bit tedious. After those tasks are done, the fun of sewing it all together starts.

For the kitten fans, I managed to catch 2 of my 3 busy little boys.

I think Stewart is plotting his next bit of mischief.

I caught Dave at naptime, his look says "What?"

Gerry had temporarily gone to wherever it is that kittens go when they don't want to be found.

They are nearly double the size they were when they arrived, four weeks ago. I expect they will graduate to Adoption soon.