Friday, June 3, 2022

Vintage UFO's No More

 The thing with tidying is that you find UFO's that you have been trying to ignore for awhile.

Some years ago, I bought a kit for a quilt. Sometime later, I took the kit on a retreat, and made the top. Then the top and the fabric for the backing and the binding went into a holding area. It turned up in my tidying. So, a couple of months ago, I finished the back and the binding, and sent the quilt to the long arm quilter. She got it back to me quite swiftly, but the binding has been a slower process. Today, the binding was finished and the quilt was taken out to the yard for a photo in the sunshine..

After all that time, one might expect something more complicated. But I'm not much into complicated quilts. Just warm hugs. I've forgotten what the pattern was called. I'm sure it is still here, somewhere. However, it is done and off to be a warm cuddle in it's new home.

I also found a pair of socks. Well, actually 1 1/4 socks. I decided it was time to liberate the needles, so I finished those, too. The pattern is called Crazy, and the yarn is Sockenwolle Cotton Stretch Morgentau. I think these ended up on hold because I didn't enjoy knitting with the yarn, It was kind of scratchy.

The Crazy part is knitting lace socks in scratchy yarn! I didn't even try to make them match.

We had a couple of hot days, which caused the Bridal Wreath Spirea to bloom and then the wind, and rain we have had has knocked a lot of the petals off. The dog keeps coming into the house looking like he was at a wedding.

It has grown quite large and probably needs a haircut.