Monday, April 27, 2020

Is it Spring, Yet?

We woke up two mornings, last week, to snow. I'm seriously over winter. I want to sit in my sunroom and knit, but it is still too cold. We are still in self isolation, with no news of any loosening of the restrictions. I miss my time with friends and family. Video just isn't the same. So, I guess I need to find more things I can control.

The sourdough experiments continue.

Pizza was less than successful. The crust was way too thin.

Raisin buns were much better. I made a half batch, so we didn't have to eat them all week.

I decided that I needed to finish this pair of socks.

I have the first sock finished and the second one is just at the heel, so they should be done in a few more days. More Turtlepurl Yarn.

And as a hopeful sign, the hepatica in the front garden is in flower.

I need a new sewing project, I think.

This week, I had to say good bye to Dolly Dog. She has been my companion and sewing room supervisor for 16 years.

This was from an adventure we took to the East Coast.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Week Five of Social Distancing

Other than walking trips in my neighbourhood, I have been at home for over a month, now.

On a short walk this morning, I saw this fellow social distancing, too. I loved the contrast between the cardinal and the branches.

A classic sign of spring around here is a robin. This one seems rather plump. I expect there will be babies, before too long.

Last fall, my grandson and his grandad planted some crocus.

They are popping up all over in my yard, now.

I finished the family taxes, and my clutch bag, this week. The taxes just look boring.

The bag is lots more fun. It is tiny, so was more difficult than I expected. I think I might try the bigger size next.

This is the bag, with my phone beside it. I used two fat quarters from my stash, as well as stash hardware. I may need a hardware order, before long. I think I will make a list of some bags I would like to make, and check my hardware stock to see what I might need.

The bag is called Carol, by Sincerely, Jen Pattern Company. 

The hardware is Emmaline Bags, and the zipper tape is from Blue Calla Patterns.

And the cell phone does fit!

Sunday, April 12, 2020


It is strange not to go out, on Easter. Normally, we would be going to church and having friends and family for dinner. Instead, I went to Zoom Church, and we will be alone for dinner. If I get really organized, I'll put a spring tablecloth on the dining room table. "Eating out" these days, is eating out of the kitchen, in the dining room.

Remember the sourdough? After 2 weeks of feeding it, it finally became something more.

Last night, I used a bunch of my flour, and created the dough for Hot Cross Buns.

This morning, I formed them into rolls and baked them. I think they got a bit too brown, but they looked pretty good. I couldn't be bothered with the crosses, so they are Easter Fruit Buns.

And they made a delicious lunch. The recipe made 16 buns, so I imagine we will be having them for snacks for much of the week.

Yesterday, I decided that I should actually sew something. I've been mostly knitting these days.

I started a new clutch bag, and, of course, managed to mess up the first step. The pattern called for 2 - 6 inch zippers.  I foolishly cut my zipper taper to 6". In the first step it says to cut your zipper tape to 7". So, I had to put the zipper slides onto the tape again, to make 7" long zippers.

At that point, I decided to go back to my knitting, and start again today.

I did slightly better, today. I am working entirely from my stash, so my hardware is a mixture of Iridescent Rainbow, and Shiny Nickel.

I only have one swivel clip in the right size, so  I am making a wrist strap for now. When I have a larger list of hardware, I'll order two more swivels, for a shoulder strap.

I finished the flap, this afternoon.

This is the outside.

This is the inside. Note the rainbow d-rings and the nickel snap. I'm probably the only one who will notice.

And this is the lining. The flap, is a pocket, for your phone, your keys.

I have the rest of the pieces cut out and stabilized. I might get it finished, tomorrow.

Friday, April 3, 2020


Today, I am working on having faith that we will all get through this and come safely out the other side. So, I will show you my acts of faith, for today.

I purchased an update to my Corel photo software, some time ago. I had a really hard time getting it installed, their problem, not mine, so I kind of left it and continued using the old version. Today, I opened it up and used it to process my pictures for the blog. Surprise! After I spent about an hour learning how to use the new features, it is so much easier and quicker that how I was doing it before. I think I still need to practice a bit more, but I learned something new!

Yesterday, I cut branches from my forsythia bush. I bought the bush when it was tiny, about 30 years ago. The poor thing has had a hard life. It has survived ice storms, extreme cold, and even having the city dig it up to fix the water main. It is a symbol to me for how adversity only makes you stronger. Each year, just before Easter, I bring branches in and force them. It has never failed, although it looks questionable, today.

I have been doing a lot of knitting.

I started my Flotini shawl, just as we started staying home. It is easy knitting for TV viewing. it will be perfect for spring evenings.

There will be a lot of ends to weave in, but it is looking very good so far. Not bad for a stash dive.

My friend Cheryl, (aka Grandma Coco), asked if I would be be interested in knitting the Bellevue Mittens. She asked the designer if the pattern could be used as a fundraiser for the Lyndhurst Feral Cat Rescue. I am behind the other knitters, but I don't think we will need mittens much more before October. This is my second try, since the first try went very wrong, very early.  The yarn is Knit Picks Chroma, found hiding in my stash. Of course, it is purple.

Finally, like millions of others, around the world, I am trying to grow my own sourdough starter.

It is kind of like having a fish tank. You feed it every day, and watch to see if it is doing anything. We had signs of life today, bubbles! We might get bread in a couple more weeks.