Sunday, November 26, 2023

Still Knitting

 I seem to have abandoned my sewing lately. I have been busy trying to get my Christmas knitting done. Since some has to go in the mail, I have only a couple of weeks left.

The church is collecting baby things for a local Family Centre that serves families new to Canada. So yesterday, I made a little hat.

I think it is toddler sized and in a worsted weight machine washable yarn, I expect it will keep some little person warm.

I continue to work on socks but I don't have any other finishes.

The weather has turned wintery cold. So, all the plants we hope to save for next summer are now moved into the dining room/ conservatory.

The new pink hibiscus rewarded us with some bright flowers.

The Christmas cactus says it will be ready soon.

I don't remember how long we have had this but it gives us lots of flowers, as long as we remember to water it.

Okay, I need to get back to my knitting!

Monday, November 20, 2023

November, Already

 I have been busy but it hasn't been a lot of crafty things. Last week was nearly entirely focused on sorting out some family  paperwork, that we have been ignoring for too long. It is amazing how much time that can take.

At the end of October, I made some more dog bandanas. Here is Doug modelling his. He wore it as his Halloween costume.

It is Paw Patrol, appropriate for his western cousins, who have a first responder for a dog dad.

I also made some masks for a young friend who wanted some cloth masks.

 I think that cat fabric is nearly all gone now. 

There has been knitting done.

Big socks.

The yarn is from TurtlePurl yarns in New Brunswick. It is called "Bog Goes Camping" as a tribute to Bob Ross, the painter. I missed slightly on making them perfectly matched.

And little socks.

These are for the great granddaughter of a friend of mine. The yarn is left over from a long ago project.

The Christmas fruitcake has been made, and probably needs to be sprinkled with rum again.

Mudd has decided he is a Mountain Lion and we keep finding him up high.

One must check when closing the frig, in case he is reaching in with his paw from overhead.

The weather has been highly variable, with temperatures from +15 to -10 in just the past week. The trees have been variable, too.. I was out for a walk, recently and there are trees still holding on to their leaves, and bare trees.

A really interesting tree is the Tamarack. also called the Larch. It is Ontario's only native deciduous conifer. They look like this, before they drop their needles. The green tree in the middle is a cedar.

I have Nana duty this week, so I think we might start baking Christmas cookies, to send to family in Western Canada.