Thursday, November 22, 2018

A Craft Sale

For the first time, I participated in a craft fair for a local charity. A friend also participated and we had adjoining tables. My friend makes spa products and soap, so I tried to make a few things to compliment her items.

This was my table.

This was the spa product table. Her table was merchandised in a much fancier manner than mine.

I sold the lip balm holders, with her lip balm in each one.

I had mitten clips, which sold very well.

I had small round cases, for ear buds, or other small items. (They didn't sell)

Sweet Pea Pods, this is the only one left.

A Bendy Bag, which is also still in my possession.

I also had hair scrungies, and dog bandanas. I sold most of the hair scrungies, and none of the bandanas. I obviously should have had a dog to model them.

Our tables were modestly successful. We won't get rich this way, but it wasn't a loss either. I used up a bunch of fabric pieces, some zippers and most of my clips for mitten clips. We had fun talking to people, and meeting the other craftspeople.

If asked, we might even do it again.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Checking In

I seem to have fallen off the edge of the world, again. I had too many other things going on, to blog. Today, my time is my own, until yoga, this afternoon.

All of this busy-ness has allowed time for knitting, and I completed some.

These are Hermione's Everyday Socks, in Opal yarn. I started them sometime in the summer, and didn't set up a Ravelry project page. However, they are done now, and ready for someone's Christmas gift.

 I made my little boy some new mittens from the leftovers from these socks.

Last Tuesday, I had an appointment and anticipated a long wait, so I cast one some plain vanilla socks in some gorgeous Turtlepurl  Striped Turtle Toes.

Obviously, the wait was very productive. The colourway is Om and is currently sold out in her store. The yarn is a joy to knit with.

And because children who have grandmothers who can knit are doomed to a life of silly hats, this one. I made the hat before he was ever born and he loves it.

Yes, there is an elephant head where the pompom would normally go.

In case you need some knitting inspiration, we have snow!

And my Christmas Cactus is on time for a change.

It usually flowers in early October, so we refer to it as the Halloween Cactus.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Lip Balm Holders

A friend makes her own spa products and I offered to make some lip balm holders for a craft sale she is doing this weekend.

I used this tutorial from Emmaline Bags.

The holders go together fairly quickly, and don't use much fabric. I did find the trickiest part was trying to make sure the lip balm fit when you are done. After some trial and error, I managed.

It is a really tight fit. I ended up using a "scant" 1/8" seam allowance.

I am amazed at how straight I managed to get it.

After you add Emmaline's fancy  key fob hardware, they look great.

I think there is a nice selection of fabrics. A little over 1/4 m gone from my stash!