Friday, December 24, 2021

Twas the Night...

 So, we are once again entering a very quiet Christmas celebration. The Covid cases in our area are again soaring, and I'm hiding! 

The church will be closed until the new year, and knowing this, last Sunday there was some tidying of things that won't be required when the building reopens. So, a friend brought me a wreath that had been hanging on the door. With no one using the door, she thought I would enjoy it, and I do.

It now graces the wall on the other side of my front door, where it can be seen from the street.

The Christmas tree is up and decorated, though there is only us to enjoy it.

My entirely cat friendly tree. It is just lacking garlands.

I made Christmas masks for people I want to keep safe. These are the grown up ones. There were kid ones as well.

I keep seeing advice to ditch your cloth masks. If you are following the rules for social distancing and your mask has three layers including a filter and provides a good close fit to your face, then go ahead and keep using it. The environment will thank you. 

I finished another Sesame Street hat. This one is Elmo.

I modified the pattern that came with the kit because apparently my favourite five year old has a bigger head then the pattern suggests. This is a much better fit.

When my kids were younger, I often made them pajamas for Christmas. I decided that I should make some pajama pants for the next generation.

When I bought the fabric, I forgot to add an extra fabric allowance for the fact that the fabric is one way and I can't turn one pattern piece around. Obviously, it has been awhile since I did this. However, I managed to squeak out a pair of pants out of my yard of fabric. The second pair isn't a one way design so it should be easier.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Holly Jolly Stockings

 Our Hibiscus spends the cold weather in the dining room and the warm weather either in the sun room, or out on the patio. It has moved back to the dining room, and continues to bloom. 

I think it has now been flowering for 10 months without a break. I smile every time I see it with a new bloom.

Meanwhile, my Christmas cactus decided to flower for Christmas, this year (it can be widely variable.)

I was asked to make two Christmas stockings. The request was for fun fabric, not Christmas. So I opened up the Laurel Burch vault and found two half yard pieces that seemed to fit the description.

Similar but enough different that they can be told apart. I made the labels inside into pockets for small items that might get lost in a big stocking. The pattern is "Holly Jolly Stocking" by Lindsay Connor. It was free a few years ago but is now available as a paid pattern.

My Laurel Burch stash is nearly gone. It is good it is being used up, but a little sad that there won't be new designs down the road.

I finished knitting my Joy cowl. 

Needs a bit of blocking to smooth out the stitches, I think.