Sunday, September 25, 2022

A Moat

 Our castle (house) had developed a problem with the drainage around the foundation, which caused water to seep into the house. This isn't really unusual in my neighbourhood, since the houses are about 55 years old. This week, the contractors arrived to fix the problem. This meant digging a trench around the outside at the front of the house. When it started to rain (yet again), I started referring to it as my moat, and started shopping for a sea monster. Turns out, sea monsters are in short supply on the internet, but the trench has been filled and the mess is nearly gone.

While this was going on, the pets and I hid in the family room and sunroom at the back. So we did laundry, read books, knitted, and played games.

I finished these socks. They match about as well as you can manage with a self striping yarn. 

While trying to take a picture of Emme, Mudd decided that I needed help.

He is such a character. You can tell he is asking "Whatcha Doin'?" Photo bombing is one of his specialties.

Meanwhile, Emme is wondering why the begonia she loves to torture is out on the patio. 

Awhile ago, I started taking apart a bag that had become worn around the edges. Today, I finished the job and realized that I had enough prequilted fabric to make 2 zippered pouches. So, I will do that. Maybe they can raise some money for Mudd and Emme's rescue group.

The fabric is some vintage Laurel Burch, no longer available. I think it might be my favourite of all her fabrics. 

Since fall weather is truly here, I think I will go and sit by the fire with my knitting. Looks like we will be getting more rain soon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Tools of the Trade

 And here it is, the middle of September, and this is my first post of the month.

I have lots of good excuses, and these are my best ones.

Look at how big they are getting! Emme is more thoughtful in her activities, and Mudd is into everything.

A friend gave me reason to think of this the other day, so I thought I would blog about it. When sewing (or knitting) there are some things you can "cheap out" on, and heaven knows, tools are expensive, but some things it is worth buying the best.

Scissors are the theme of this discussion. My mother didn't sew, and when I first started sewing, I needed a pair of good sewing shears. My dad, who always equated heft to quality bought me a pair of large, heavy shears. I don't even know where they are now, but I do know that I wore the chrome plating off the handles.  

I bought some lighter shears when I started sewing for my kids and needed sharp shears to cut knit fabrics.

I bought these Fiskars with a scissor sharpener on the sheath. They are safe to carry around and always sharp. I actually have two pair, the second pair doesn't have a sheath.

Recently, with aging joints, I bought these shears. Still Fiskars but much easier on my wrists and fingers.

My first pinking shears came from my grandmother. She didn't sew, either but a lady she knew was giving them away. Perfect for a 16 year old.

They are probably 80 years old and they weigh a lot. They are loose, so the fabric an wrap itself around the blades.  I used them until someone in a class I was taking loaned me hers to try.

I bought my own pair, immediately. Light and easy to use. I have had these for quite awhile now and do not regret buying them.

Lest you think I am stuck on Fiskars, I do have other scissors. These are my sewing snips, that sit next to my machine.

Of course, they are purple.

Last year, in the midst of mask making, I realized it would be easier if I had some applique scissors to cut the filter fabric out of the seam allowance. So, I bought these.

Useful and pretty! My grandson asked if he could try the applique scissors and his grandfather told him not to ever ask that. Nobody touches Nana's scissors!

I may be overly pessimistic in my creating, because, while looking for scissors, I discovered 6 stitch rippers within easy reach of my machine.

I'm pretty sure I have more, in other parts of the house, where I do hand sewing.

The intesting thing is that all of these tools are used to make masks.

Some of my recent mask production for back to school. The scrap pile is dwindling (yeah, right).

The garden thinks it is fall, and the leaves are starting to change, so I leave you with some asters, in my garden.