Saturday, October 28, 2023


My partner-in-all-things has been away for a few days, leaving me to herd pets and look after things. So, I didn't manage to get into my sewing room, since the pets get too anxious if I disappear, and they aren't to be trusted if I let them in. Instead, I got a lot of knitting finished.

The spider mitts are finished, just as the weather gets cold, and they will be needed. The spider is knit using slip stitches, so I was only using one colour of yarn at a time.  I made the mistake of showing the pattern to my little guy and he decided I should knit them. So, the socks went on hold.

Last night, I made some cookies to help celebrate with my favourite little guy. He is coming for a sleepover, later.

They look especially gruesome because the gel icing had split and I kept getting liquid icing instead of gel. The recipe is from a Canadian Living cookbook from when my kids were young, however the recipe is still available. 
Linking to Sandra's DrEAMi linkup. Spiders can be squirrels, too.

Sunday, October 8, 2023


This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. It is early this year, and we just had an unseasonable heat wave. So my usual Autumn Colours post will be delayed.

Instead I will show you how the circular knitting has gotten out of hand.

Back in early September, I started the Unicorn socks. They are a wide rib. I finished the first sock, knit the cuff for the second, and met a knot in the skein. The yarn after the knot didn't follow in the colour sequence so I cut the yarn and started again. I am nearly finished the leg of the second sock.

A couple of weeks ago I realized that Christmas was on its way and I needed to do my Christmas gift socks. So I started this plain vanilla sock. The first sock is nearly done.

In between those two starts, I cast on the first sock for a pair of Utsubo Socks. The pattern looked interesting and the top was done in an unfamiliar style that I wanted to try. I finished the toe and now these seem to be on hold.

On Friday, I was grandparenting, and this pattern popped up.  It is the Aranea Fingerless Gloves and the little guy looking over my shoulder thought that someone in Grade Two needed a pair. I happened to have suitable yarn in my stash, so the spider is now progressing nicely. 

This afternoon, I realized that I have more than my normal quota of circular knitting projects going. I am not sure what form of insanity hit me, but they are all progressing, each in their own time. I plan to finish the mitts quickly since they are kind of Halloween themed. The Christmas socks next since they have to travel. The other two pairs have no urgency.

I took this picture in a park nearby, the other day, in 31° weather. My hands were too sweaty to knit.

Happy Thanksgiving!