Monday, May 28, 2018

A Little Knitting

With the onset of warmer weather, the outdoors calls. There is also an upcoming provincial elections, and since I was hired to work at it, I have been training and reading the procedures for voting day. My sewing room has been lonely.

I did finish another preaching stole, for Pentecost, but, since I ironed it on the way out the door, I didn't get a picture.

I entered a postcard in the postcard category at Quilts Canada, in Vancouver, and in my rush to get it into the mail on time, I didn't get a picture of that, either.  You are just going to have to take my word for it.

So, all I have to show you is knitting in progress.

A lace sock in a wild striped yarn, because I can! I did take it to a meeting and messed up the cable stitch, however, it is not going to be fixed. Done is better than perfect!

This is a shawl I started, last fall, that I would like to wear this spring, so I have been working away at it. I have turned the point, so the rows are getting shorter, again. I love this ombre yarn, I might have to buy another ball.

After a long winter, nothing is cheerier than flowers.

The crab apple tree is covered in flowers, and the bees are loving it. There is a bumble bee in the picture, enjoying the sweet apple nectar.

We garden in pots since our yard is very shaded. So, the pots are being filled.

Pink and Purple, my favourite.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


The weather seems to have settled into spring. We haven't seen a snowflake in a couple of weeks, so maybe it is here to stay.

Spring means that I spent a day, clearing out my sunroom. We were literally shoveling 6 months of dirt and leaves that the dogs had carried in. We can use it again to enjoy the breeze without the bugs. Of course, on Saturday, one of the dogs decided to let himself out by going through the screen. Add the screen to the To Do list.

I finished my Roxy Clutch Wallet.

I love the look and feel of the cork. I considered ordering a frame in gold, but in the end decided to use the one I had, in gun metal. I think it worked well. It isn't as shiny as the gold so it doesn't take away from the sparkle of the cork.

I got all the tiny screws in, and I am looking forward to using it this summer.  My phone even fits.

My quilt group was looking for donations of six inch blocks in Civil War type fabrics. The best I could come up with was some off white and red. It looked okay with the other blocks.

Of course, it is a cat block. It was a free pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.

Last week, I started sorting my fabric, in an effort to be able to find things more quickly. It is slow going, as I measure each piece and attach a label. However, I am sure it will make deciding what fabric works for a pattern, much faster. Now, if I can just keep at it.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Spring Retreat III - My Projects

I started my retreat weekend with what I thought would be a quick and simple project. I had a kit for a little block for Quilts of Valour. I opened it, and was surprised that I seemed to have an extra piece of fabric. I started cutting and discovered that I didn't have enough fabric to make the block. I am not sure what happened, but lacking any other fabric to supplement that kit, I just tucked it back into my bag.

So, instead, I made this top.

I did it following the technique for the Jelly Roll Race quilt, but used strips 4.5" by 22". It needs a border. I don't think I have anything that will work in my stash, so I might have to go shopping.

Saturday morning, I started on my major project for the weekend. I made a Roxy clutch.  I had the frame for awhile, and decided the time was now. I found the perfect piece of cork fabric, for the outside, while shopping for something else, of course.

Bright, cheerful, and very much my style.

I still need to attach the frame, but I got most of the work done.

I had the batik in my stash, and it looked like the perfect lining for the cork.

At the last retreat I made this case for my tablet, using some wonderful Tula Pink fabric. It was an envelope style clutch.

After my terrible tablet accident,  my tablet, with it's heavy duty cover, no longer fit into the case. I couldn't bear to waste that lovely fabric, so I had to do some alterations.

I removed the binding, added a pocket for the tablet, and replaced the binding with a longer one. After repositioning  the velcro, I have a new cozy for my tablet.

Finally, I made another Bendy bag.

It didn't come home with me, because its new owner became clear, while at retreat. I gave it to a friend who needed something to keep her cords and chargers in. The fabric is left over from my brief Oriental period.

Just before I left, I finished a pair of socks that I think had been on the needles for nearly a year. I know I took them to Victoria with me, last June.

Not sure if anyone needs wool socks now, but I sent them to their intended owner.

Spring seems to finally arrived. I found these little micro daffodils in my yard. I added the tennis ball to give you an idea of scale. They are just so tiny and so cheery.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Spring Retreat II

Just in case you fear I am still under ice, I have a flower picture.

This is Hepatica, growing next to my front door.

Back to retreat.

Doreen was making a  landscape quilt called "Hidden Path". Sadly, I missed the pieced border.

Joanne was making a thread catcher.

Maureen was making a flannel quilt in plaids. It was lovely and soft.

Helen was making these lovely little bags with hand applique embellishment.

This is the centre of Judy's 1930"s style quilt.

Kathryn was paper piecing and getting a head start on her Christmas gifts.

Judy kindly sent me a picture of her completed top, that I missed catching a picture.

This is another of Judy's tops that I missed.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Spring Retreat I

My retreat posts seem to be very popular, so I will repeat these. I am breaking them into 3 posts because I have so many pictures.

I started preparing for retreat days ahead. Leaving things until the last minute doesn't work well for me, and I end up at retreat missing some necessary component or tool.

Bobbins need to be wound, and one must remember to check the bobbin every hour or so, while at retreat. We have all done considerable sewing with no thread in the bobbin and had to repeat the whole thing. Having your bobbins wound ahead makes things go much more smoothly.

As much as possible, I try to cut, fuse and label my projects, kitting them with a picture of the pattern and all the other notions I need to make it. I'll show you later how successful this was.

I arrived Friday, and Saturday morning the weather looked ominous. This was the view from the window of my first room. ( I ended up changing rooms for the second night and the view was the roof of the next building.) However, rainy weather is always good sewing weather. We don't need to step outside at all, since the residence area, dining area and meeting room are all connected.

Maura finished this Alex Anderson inspired top.

Anita was putting together the rows for her quilt.

She had already made these stars.

Lynn was working on a bright version of a BQ quilt. This is BQ 4 , I believe.

Diane was working on a wall hanging based on the book "Points of View".

Margaret as starting a star quilt, but still had a bunch of stars to make.

Kelda finished this top. Didn't catch the name of the pattern.

I have lots more pictures. Check back tomorrow for more.