Saturday, September 30, 2023

Some Sewing is Done

 I have actually done some some sewing. My sweetie is travelling soon and his new tablet needed a case to protect it in his backpack. So, I looked through my scraps for something suitable. 

I think I've described my method before. I add an inch to the width of the tablet, and measure all the way around the length, then add about 2 inches for a flap. Then I check the size of the scraps and choose an appropriate scrap.

On a good day, I even have a binding scrap that matches. It was a good day.

I looked through those lovely threads that have been coming in my Aurifil Thread Labs, and chose a suitable one. Then I used my Hera marker to mark quilting lines, and quilted the outer fabric to a batting scrap.

This is Aurifil 28 wt in the needle and a very similar colour 50 wt in the bobbin. I like how it stands out and matches the cats' eyes.

Then I added a flannel lining, to protect the screen, and a piece of velcro to close the flap.

Blue Jays are very popular at my house, so I thought the Blue Jay fabric was a good choice. Finally, I added a binding, and had a very suitable scrap in my binding bin. Getting my sewing room organized has really helped make projects like this fast and easy.

The finished case, ready to hit the road. The tablet fits perfectly, and its new owner is pleased. We joke that I make cases like this for his electronics because they scream "My wife is a quilter, and I'll be in big trouble if I lose my device."

I had help taking these pictures.

Mudd is always so helpful. I think he has no idea how big he is now.

I have made good progress on last week's sock. We are now at the Muppet stage, when the heel is turned and the sock looks like a hand puppet.

I am linking to Sandra's DrEAMi link up.  Drop over and see what others have been doing.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

The Shawl That Never Ends

 I am reminded of a campfire song: "This is the song that never ends, It just goes on and on my friends". At the end of July, 2021, I started a shawl. It was a kit for a Knit Along, and I fell in love with the yarns.

This was the first picture I posted. Somehow, I just decided that I should knit a shawl, in mohair and a very loosely spun merino, that was going to end up over 2metres long, entirely in garter stitch. By the time I figured out that it was not really going to be my thing, I had knitted enough stripes that I couldn't have salvaged that very expensive yarn. It seemed like a better idea just to ignore it. 

I finally told myself I couldn't start another shawl until this one was finished. And then, I just knit a lot of socks, and a couple of baby hats, but no shawls. September came, and along with it, a Fall Finish Along. So I did...Finish! 

As you can see, it is very long. It still needs to be blocked and have 40 or so ends woven in, but all those rows of garter stitch are done.

In celebration, I cast on a pair of socks, of course.

This is the first pair of Christmas socks. There are members of my family who love to get new hand knit socks for Christmas. I like the bright colours, and socks always seem to go faster if the yarn is striped.

Meanwhile, Mudd says he hasn't appeared on the blog, lately, so here he is, helping me knit, with a stolen package of pot scrubbers.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

A Month of Contractors

 For the past three summers, we have avoided having contractors to the house. In addition, contractors were hard to get. So this spring, we decided it was time to get a couple of projects finished. You can try to schedule contactors but they still come when they come. Wet weather delayed some of the work. That said, we ended up with three contactors, all arriving in the same couple of weeks. 

Last year, we had to get the foundation fixed and the subsidence from that needed to be fixed. It looked like this before the landscaper.

Now it looks like this.

Last week, the temperatures decided to remind us that it is still summer (even if we aren't suppose to wear white shoes.) Temperatures were in the mid 30C range and the humidity was awful. My sewing room was like an oven, so I sewed from about 7:15 to 8:30 in the morning. I did manage to finish the shorts I was making my little guy for back to school.

I suspect they will not be needed for daywear in a couple more weeks, but they can become pajama pants next.

I joined a Fall Finish Along, and have been trying to do a few rows of a shawl I've been working on for 2 years now. However, I got caught by a shiny new thing.

It will become a toe up slipper sock if all goes well. I also have another sock on needles. Wonder if I can get all three done before the end of the month?

Meanwhile, I didn't play with my August Thread Lab from Aurifil, and now September has arrived.

The green spools are 40 wt. and the grey spools are 24 wt. The project for this month is applique and I don't know if I have suitable fabric for the projects. So, I might try something else. I have two purses promised so I need to get to those.

As summer continues a bit longer, I will add a flower picture from my patio to the bottom of this post.