Monday, December 30, 2013

A Few Leftovers from Christmas

There still seem to be Christmas leftovers, in the frig, spread across the living room (doesn't anybody ever clean up around here?) and on my camera.

I will save you the pictures of the mess, and share a couple of pictures I haven't posted.

I made one more pouch before Christmas, and I think this might be my favourite so far.
Laurel Burch, I just love her whimsical cast of characters.

The Pouch

And the Inside
It was gift wrap for a gift for someone special.

I have this nail polish addiction, that my (all male) family thinks is kind of charming. So, here are the Christmas Nails.
The polish is called "Merry Christmas" and is from a Toronto company called  "Beyond the Nail". You can find them on Etsy. I found this under the tree! Oddly, the tiny pink sparkles don't really show in normal light.

And the annual Kitten in the Tree Picture.
Note the laser eyes!
Ignore the mess behind her, we had just finished opening presents!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Hot Night in Christmasville

Daisy, my 16 week old foster kitten, didn't follow us up to bed last night. She didn't wake us up this morning. When I came downstairs I discovered this.

Closer to the tree, I discovered this.
It was reminiscent of the morning after a dorm party in university, with drunks passed out all over the floor! It must have been some party, and I slept right through it.

Or perhaps this has something to do with it.
Can you see the kitten in the picture?

Here is the culprit resting up for the big party tonight.
You will note that she has the tree skirt arranged for her comfort.

You can see the cats of Christmases Past here.

I am off to redecorate the tree, so I can have fun watching Daisy tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Preparations Continue

On Sunday, we put up the Christmas tree. Daisy was a big help, and continues to assess the placement of the ornaments.

Since we have a different kitten each Christmas, all the tree decorations are kitten friendly. I have large jingle bells around the bottom of the tree, so I can hear her when she climbs the tree. As you can see, she didn't like the tree skirt under the tree and has moved it to a spot she finds more comfortable.

Daisy has been helping me get my gifts finished.

We have been spending our evenings watching cheesy Christmas movies and knitting. The scarf is about 2 metres long and is in a merino/ alpaca blend, a lovely yarn. The socks are bamboo, because it is trendy and the yarn feels like silk. I will be interested to see how they wear.

I am still making pouches. I have made 8 so far.

These 6 were gifts to the members of my knitting group. I tried to pick fabric that suited each of them. They all went home from Knit Knight with their project tucked into their new bags. I finished the last one of this batch at 5:15, snapped the pictures quickly and ran out to Knit Knight, so the pictures aren't the greatest.

I think I will bake cookies, today.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Final Tinners Tuesday

Last January a group of twelve friends decided to each make one block for each member of the group, based on the fabric provided in the "tin" and theme suggested by the owner.

Eleven rotations have occurred and today, the "tins" were returned to their owners.

I had gotten a bit behind, so over the last few weeks I completed 3 blocks.

Garden Path, in Australian fabrics, for a "Down Under" theme.

A basket of posies, for the theme "Baskets". It is hand applique, something I seldom do.

A block with kittens, from a "tin" full of cat fabric. I have no idea if this block has a name, or if I made it up.

Now, for the big reveal of my blocks. My theme was "50 shades of Grey and Purple"

Aren't they all lovely? Now I will have to sew them together. The tops are to be finished by Easter. I think that is Easter 2014, although some of us were thinking 2015!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Some Christmas Sewing

I am trying to keep my list down to what I can reasonably finish before Christmas, without stressing out too much.
I found this pattern from Noodlehead, and thought it was a perfect way to use up some of my fat quarters and other odds and ends.

The medium one uses most of 2 fat quarters, and the little one can be made with 2 fat eighths. For the big one, I cut into some of my yardage.

I think this little one is just the right size to use as a place to store your hand sewing supplies, when you go to a guild meeting.

I think this one would hold a set of needles and a ball of wool, to carry a sock in progress.

This one came out quite large. I am sure that the recipient will have some ideas for it.

I think it is interesting that I used interfacing on the medium one and didn't bother on the small and large, but they all stand up nicely. I don't think I will be using any more interfacing.

Now for the kitten fans, I thought you might like to see my beloved, long suffering Dolly Dog, being brushed by her little friend Austin.
Austin returned to the shelter on the weekend and I am sure he will make a lovely Christmas kitten for someone. I see on the shelter website that his status is adoption pending! Have a wonderful life in your new family, Austin. I hope they have a dog for you to play with.