Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Post Canada Day

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not and have never been a runner. I was once a member of a corporate team in a fund raiser (because each team needed one female and there aren't many in the engineering departments) and I walked the whole 5 KM. I finished in 48 minutes, just 20 minutes behind my teammates!

There is a race day through my neighbourhood, every Canada Day and for about the last 6 years, I have volunteered as a marshal. Yesterday I was at about the 6.5 KM point of the 10 KM run. My job was to keep the runners on the course, and keep the drivers from driving into the runners. I was very elegantly attired in a high visibility safety vest, and Canada Day tshirt, shorts, and this lovely hat.

I realized that before the runners got to my post, passerby's must have done a bit of a double take. While I waited for the runners to arrive, I sat on a camp chair with my knitting.

I didn't do all of this, yesterday. I finished the last couple of inches of the leg, and started on the heel. Next winter, I will remember sitting in 30C degree weather, working on this sock, as I stuff my feet into boots to face -30C.

My chuckle of the morning came when a runner, with an American accent, asked if it is always this hot on Canada Day. I told her, yes, this is pretty normal. I guess she thought that Canada would be cooler then where she was from, in July.


  1. I've marshalled at quite a few races and yes, I've sat there knitting at times. Always fun no matter what I do at the races.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.

  2. Very pretty yarn. Maybe she thought that the socks are usually necessary for the Canada Day Run ; )