Monday, September 1, 2014

A "Quiet" Long Weekend

We had planned a quiet long weekend. We did have to return Marley to the shelter, so he could go up for adoption and find his new "forever" home.

What we didn't expect was to bring home this.

If you count the ears and divide by two, you discover there are 3 of them, three adorable 6 week old girls.

This is Alice.

This is Gracie, she moves too fast to get a good picture.

And this is Emma.

A five year old friend of mine was visiting and I asked her to suggest a name that begins with an "M", because she has an "M" on her forehead. She picked Emma. I suppose that is close! She is in a 2 litre berry basket and it's a perfect fit.

In my spare time, I am working on my Mystery Shawl. Only 42 more rows for this week!


  1. I'm guessing Marley went with his very own quilt, and the three babies, are they sisters? In my opinion, a small kitten is one of the happiest to have, even if for a short time, and with you they get that wonderful love that is a huge part of developing how they react in life later on. hugs to them all, and you, Jean. p.s. does this have a small idea of 3 new small kitten's quilts??

  2. They are super cute, just want to cuddle them. I bet you had a very interesting long weekend.
    The knitting is looking very interesting, looking forward to see the shawl finished.