Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

The current temperature is -22 C. For those who work in Fahrenheit, that is really cold! It is one of those days when it is painful to draw a deep breath, when you are outside.

So, it seems like a perfect day to show off the hats I just finished.

I like the colour of this one. The yarn is Chroma Worsted. I got 3 balls of it when Knit Picks had a sale in November. The colour name is Avalon.

The pattern is Hats From the Heart.

I thought it was a little small, although it should fit a child.

Same hat, different colourway. This colour is called Carnival.

I added 8 stitches to this one, so I think it will be a better fit for a larger child or adult.

The hats used less than 100 gm. of yarn and were quick to make, in the round.

I am giving these to the Warm Hands Network.


  1. Oh - I can't even begin to imagine how cold that must be! I would be wearing three hats at a time, for sure.

  2. Love those colours! They look like they'll stretch to fit a variety of heads. Good choice for Warm Hands Network.

  3. Nice hats! Hope to see your blog updated soon, looks great!