Monday, June 10, 2024

Socks, Etc.

 The weather has been wildly variable. We hit a temperature of 32C last week. We also had a day with 38mm of rain. The last couple of days we alternated between rain and sun. It is hard to plan outdoor activities when the weather is so changeable. 

It is good to have a selection of projects to work on in weather like this.

I finished another pair of baby socks.

These are for a little girl.

I started my June socks of the month from my stash.

These are going to be a grownup version of the baby socks, with the folded cuffs. However, at this point, they look like a fish. So I added an eye.

My waxed canvas bag is coming along. The dark navy is the waxed canvas, and the lighter colour blue is the weather resistant nylon lining.

I remembered to add my makers tag before the pocket was sewn. This bag is a constant learning experience. Since that fabrics can't be ironed. there is a lot of clips to hold pieces in place.

Just a couple more sewing sessions and it should be finished. My next bag will be much brighter colours.

I saw a pattern, the other day, for a tablet case. The pattern price was $16.50 Canadian, with an additional charge for the video tutorial. I often wonder how designers decide on a price. The pattern looked like it would make a case like this.

I made those a few years ago, without a pattern. It is basically an envelope with a Velcro closure. I size it to the tablet and the fabric that I have,

Or this one I made last year.  I understand that many people are unsure of their skills and feel better using a pattern. However, I think that $16.50 is a bit high for a pattern that doesn't actually need any pattern pieces, and if you needed the tutorial, the total cost would be close to $25. For that price, I would expect something a lot more interesting.

To be clear, I buy lots of patterns. I don't have any idea how many bag patterns I own, that I might never sew. They all have features that I think are interesting, different techniques that give a unique look to a bag. If you want my money, you need to show me something I haven't already figured out.

If you want to make a tablet case, I have posted my method several times on the blog, to make a custom sized case. I even have instructions for a lap top sleeve. If you need some help finding the instructions, let me know.


Saturday, June 1, 2024

Suddenly, June

 May was a month of appointments, gathering supplies for the garden, visiting with friends, and some how, very little sewing. My 20 minute pledge failed. 

I did keep up with my knitting.

The socks for May's self imposed Sock of the Month are finished. The yarn is Regia, designed by Arne and Carlos. Lots of purple and blue. 

There are tiny bits of colour that look like flowers on a vine when the yarn is knitted. such a sweet surprise. This picture shows the colours better.

Another pair of baby socks, knit from the leftovers of the February socks. These are going to a friend for her new grandson.

For Mother's Day we had a tea party. One should get out the Royal Albert cake plate every now and again, even if the desserts are packaged cookies. (The Jaffa cakes were lovely.)

We were running an errand one evening and stepped out to discover that there was a duck on the lawn.

Ms. Mallard was just enjoying the peace and quiet and didn't mind us quietly heading to the car.

We did the annual sun room clean out, and the cats have their conversation nook back.

They seem to enjoy the nice weather in their own chairs.

Hopefully the sewing will get back on track this week.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Just 20 Minutes

 Many years ago, the lovely Nancy Zeiman was telling us that you can get projects done by working 10, 20, or 30 minutes at a time. You don't need to do a whole project, you can do it in bits. I keep trying, but I do sometimes forget. 

In the past week, I have been trying to work for 20 minutes every day on some sewing.

I made some dog banadanas (8 in total).

This is Canadian Summer fabric, two prints I couldn't find when the fabric first came out, but I recently found on clearance.

I finished my Saturday Bag Sampler for April.

Instead of sewing scraps together for the drawstring, I used some t-shirt yarn I had.

I also did some crafts with my 7 year old craft buddy. We made a bunch of Fabulous Freezer BooBoo Bags. (Also known as Rice Bags). Some went to his house, and some are here for times when one needs a simple cold pack.

I  got some pieces cut out for my next bag.  They just look like navy fabric, so I won't bore you. Not bad for little bits of sewing.

I started my May socks and I am working on them every day. I am to the Muppet stage of the first sock. It is the place where the heel is turned and the gusset is about half finished. A friend brought me a googly eye to pose the sock.

We have had some nice days, so things are starting to look like spring.

This forsythia bush was the first one I bought for this house, It never really bloomed well, so I put a hardier type next to it. It was a surprise this year to see it completely yellow and nearly a month after the hardier bush.

Forget-Me-Nots grow wild in my lawn. If you try to plant them in a specific spot, they will appear somewhere else, the next year.

These Grape Hyacinths are recent additions to our spring bulbs.

There are bright fuchsia tulips are flowering. Spring is often brief here, before the weather turns full summer and hot. It is lovely to enjoy it when I can.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Knitting Your Troubles Away

Just to make our life more interesting, the water heater decided that it didn't want to heat water any more. Turns out, it had a flair for the dramatic, so it sent water all over, as it quit its job. Of course, these things always happen on a weekend. It is all fixed now but my brain seemed better suited for knitting last week.

The April socks have been finished, nearly a week early.

They are almost a perfect match. 

I made a collage of the first four months of socks.

Since I had some time, I made the second baby sock for the pair I started earlier. Unfortunately, I lost at yarn chicken.

I did have another ball of that yarn, so I used a bit of it to finish the sock.

Very grownup baby socks!

I am doing the Saturday Sampler Bag sew along for April. The steps are quick to do, taking about 20 minutes each week. Step three was finished today.

The left is the exterior and the right is the lining. I think it will be a cute gift bag. The fabric is a couple of fat quarters from my stash. I have no memory of where they came from. Time to use them up.

Monday, April 15, 2024

When Things Don't Go As Planned

 I haven't blogged in two weeks because things were not going as I planned.

It started with the Income Tax. I discovered that it was a bigger job than usual, due to some financial decisions we made. So, I needed to understand that portion. Mudd offered to help.

He isn't as much help as he thinks.

Meanwhile, we had to do some extra grandparenting we weren't expecting, which slowed down the tax preparation.

We had a couple of lovely afternoons, which may have distracted me further from bookkeeping.

We were not in the Path of Totality, for the lunar eclipse but it was close. Unfortunately it was also overcasr, with only brief glimpses. A young friend sent me this picture that he managed to catch.

I did manage to finish the first April sock.

Of course, Mudd was helping with the extra grandparenting.

He is assisting with a jigsaw puzzle by sitting in the box. Also not helpful.

The taxes have been submitted. The second sock is coming nicely. I have sewing plans for this week. Let's hope there aren't any more surprises.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

March Socks

 The March socks for my self imposed Sock of the Month Club, were finished with a couple of days to spare.

They feel like spring, to me. The yarn is again from Turtlepurl in New Brunswick. This month the colourway is called Joy. They were such fun to knit on the dull days of March.

Since I had a couple of days left, before starting the April Socks, I started a pair of baby socks.

I have exactly 20 grams left of this yarn, and the baby socks take about 20 gms. so this will be close.

I finished the first sock on Sunday.

My scale says I have 11 gms left. This will be yarn chicken, I think.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Celosia Cross Body Bag

 Awhile ago, I was asked to make a bag for a young man. The bag he was currently using was worn out. He sent me pictures and measurements of his current bag, and after a bunch of thought and planning, I decided to try this pattern. To make sure it met his requirements and because I have lots of bag making stuff, I made a trial, so he could assess whether this would make his needs.

For my trial bag, I was inspired by finding a fabric and zipper that went together perfectly.

From that, I eventually got to this.

Not bad, considering it all came from my stash (except the strap).

It was quickly apparent that the Caticorns wouldn't work on the gusset or the body of the front of the bag. So further stash diving turned up the polka dots.

I almost forgot to add my label, but remembered just before the final assembly. I think it is up a bit high.

The front pocket is large enough to hold a large phone.

It will also fit in the slip pocket inside the pocket.

There are 6 card pockets.

And the cards actually fit.

The gusset is quite wide.

The inside of the bag is quite bright. Obviously we haven't had enough sun.

I dropped my Roxy wallet in, and there is still plenty of room.

It's a 7 1/2" clasp and it looks lost inside this bag. 

If this satisfies my young friend for size and shape, the next one will be a boring navy waxed canvas. 

Pattern is Celosia Cross Body Bag by Blue Calla

Fabric is from my stash (assorted sources) 

Strap is from Blue Calla

Hardware is from Emmaline Bags

Zipper is from Zipper Valley