Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Knitting as Therapy

I have had a really bad cold and decided that I needed some time to just look after me. So I have been cuddled under a quilt, knitting (and coughing and feeling sorry for myself). After 10 days, I am finally starting to feel human again, though I still cough.

So, I thought I would show you the results of the pity party.

I have 2 good friends who are about to become grandmothers for the very first time. Such occasions demand gifts.

Back in the fall, I made a new born hat for the first baby.  I recently asked the grandma-to-be to pick out some yarn for a sweater. Her choice surprised me. Not your typical baby yarn at all. Here is my sweater progress, so far.

The yarn is Patons Astra in Wild Wizard. I think it is suppose to be the colours of the Hogwarts Houses from Harry Potter. It is bright and cheery, and is knitting up nicely, so I think it will make a lovely gift. The baby is due in 2 weeks, but I am not worried about finishing this, because I am making it in a 12 month size.

Meanwhile, baby # 2 is due in March, around St. Paddy's day. What does such a baby need but green Hiking socks!

I used the end of the ball I made slippers from, for Christmas. Since both socks used less than one repeat of the yarn, making them match was not an option.
 I added a teabag to the picture to give a sense of scale. They are seriously cute, just the thing for babies on the go.


  1. I love both projects!! On such a cold winter's day as today, those socks look just right. I'm glad you put the teabag in so we can see just how tiny they are. CUTE!!

  2. LOVE the yarn colours of that first project! The baby will look adorable in it!

  3. Awww, little socks for little feet! I'm getting over a nasty two-week cold here and it feels great to be almost back to normal again. I love the colour on that sweater!


  4. Cute cute cute...love those wee socks:)

  5. It is definitely knitting weather. Brrr!

  6. Wise decision to take time to heal. Those socks are seriously cute, and I love the colour of the sweater for a baby.

  7. Nice yarn for the top project and so cute those socks! With this Canadian winter, the little one will surely be using them!

  8. Great therapy! Love the little socks😊