Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Falling Leaves

Cheryl over in the Kingdom of Coco created a pattern for a shawl, that she calls "Falling Leaves". She allowed me to take it for a test drive, and put up with my daily (or somedays, hourly) questions.

After much angst, my shawl is complete.

I had a hard time taking the picture, the camera did not want to render the colour properly.

The colour is somewhere between these two, but neither is quite right. the yarn called "soft grape" and is a sort of greyed purple. 

Okay, the really neat part! It has beads!
Another version of the purple, but you can see the beads better.  The beads are a mix of metallic purple and amethyst glass beads with a few silver lined clear beads, because they look like dew on the leaves.

I am not sure who will receive this work of art. Somebody special, considering the work.

Thanks, Cheryl, it was a wonderful challenge.

That is the first item I have completed on my Ten Things for Summer List.


  1. That looks challenging, but what a beautiful result!

  2. Beautiful, and yes, lots of work, many stitches in each pattern part to be counted, a very special gift I'm sure. Greetings from Jean

  3. Glorious! I keep thinking I would like a knitted shawl, but then I make another crochet one! I guess I will just admire yours...

  4. Wonderful pattern and great execution!