Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I have finished my second shawl (the first item on my 10 things list to be completed). So today, I decided to do some blocking.
I have read the instructions for blocking and I discovered that they missed a few things.

They usually tell you to start with a sink of warm water.
They missed the steps that come before that:
1. Empty the dishwasher.
2. Move the dishes that were left in the sink, because the dishwasher hadn't been emptied.
3. Clean the sink, removing the tea stains.
4. Fill the sink with hot water.

I have seen it advised that you add a bit of hair conditioner. Off to find the conditioner. Which do you think, the volumising or the colour guard? I decided on the volumising.

Next soak for about 20 minutes. Of course, if you have already put the coffee on, you can have a cup of coffee, while you wait.
Gather some towels to squeeze out the water.
1. Go to the linen closet to look for towels.
2. Discover that your adult children helped themselves to the thickest of the big towels, as they were moving out.
3. Double the number of towels required, since none of the available towels are very thick.
4. Note to self: Pick up some bath sheets, next time I am at Costco.

Spread the knitting out on a flat surface and pin into the desired shape.
1. Find a space in the house that pets don't consider they own.
2. Cover with a foam mattress pad to protect the hardwood.
3. Find more towels to cover that mattress pad (see above).

Finally, stand back and admire!
Here is Wingspan, completed.
There is a second shawl, but I am waiting for it to dry before the big reveal!

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  1. I agree with your expanded list, sounds exactly like my process though there must be vacuuming involved some where.