Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hats, Hats, Hats

Knitting toques, when the temperature is 32 degrees doesn't really make sense, but that is what I have been doing the past couple of weeks.

Remember this hat?

I knit it earlier this summer, just to have something on hand, if I needed a baby gift.

Well, one of my dear ones has friends who are expecting twins. So here is the twin hat.

It is amazing that they are from the same ball of wool, but look so different. Obviously fraternal twins.

They are the same size, but they need to be blocked.

Meanwhile, my little Knitting Club have decided to make hats for a local homeless shelter. I used some yarn, that was left over from a sweater I think I made 15 years ago.
This is my first hat made on a circular needle and I must say, I love it. No seam, and only one needle to be concerned with, it goes very quickly.

I needed something to make the hat stand up, so Grumpy Gorilla volunteered (there were no cats willing to model today).

I told him he could have his picture in my blog too.
I love him, because he reminds me of my dad, who my kids called Grumps!


  1. Lovely hats, I like the twins!! And what a super model. Cheers from Jean.

  2. I keep telling myself that I am not knitting scarves, that I am going to knit hats, but that doesn't last long. I did get one hat knit last winter that I love. Now I am crocheting an afghan for my sister. Fortunately it is done in strips so it's not too hot on my lap.

  3. Lovely hats, and a great model. And thanks for reminding me that I had promised myself a new hat.

  4. Your toques are just the cutest!

  5. A great way to give twin gifts - there are twins in my family and the two of them love the same colours but really dislike exact duplicates of their clothes or accessories! I know babies may not care, but someday they might!