Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Order from Chaos

I was given a lovely yarn that had had a terrible accident . It had turned into a snarled mess.

I forgot to take a picture before I started, but I think you get the general idea. I couldn't find the end, so I bravely picked through the worst of the snarled, pulled a thread, and cut it loose. It turned out pretty well, because when I was done, I ended up with this.

Ta Da!

Meanwhile, I finished another pair of socks (because I just can't stop knitting them).
I love the colour and the yarn is Bamboo and Nylon, lovely and soft.

Because I finished my socks, I cast on a new shawl.
This one is in a silk yarn from my stash. I think it followed me home one day. Although it is hard to tell in the picture, it has beads every 4th row. Lots of lovely silvery beads.

If you follow this blog, you will know that we foster cats for the local shelter. My buddy Finnegan came to stay in March, and has spent the summer enjoying the yard.
Finnegan moved to his new forever home, last Monday. He is now someone's special senior gentleman.

So Arts and Socks is pleased to welcome two new fosters.

Meet Jade.
And her sister, Jazz.


  1. Hi Kate. It's so amazing that you foster kitties who need you. Great work. And I really admire your knitting abilities. I've never gotten past basic scarves. Have you seen the blog of Asplund Knits? You can google him to find him. His knitting is also amazing, and he's part of the Men Who Knit group.

  2. Congratulations on salvaging that yarn. I have so little patience for that kind of work. I predict Jade will find a home pretty fast. They're both beautiful.