Wednesday, October 9, 2013

An Oriental Tinner

As our year of tinners nears completion, it is getting harder to make a block. Either somebody else already had the same idea as you did, or the pieces of fabric left in the "tin" won't work with your idea.
However, I think I pulled this one off.

I have no idea what this block is called. I saw it in a magazine I was looking at, while visiting a friend. I drew a picture of it in my book, and forgot to copy the name. However, it was a perfect match for the fabric, and I had the co-ordinating fabric in my stash.


  1. I'd say you really did pull it off! That's a pretty block.

  2. I love this block, and the fabric too! Win, win.

  3. It is so pretty! The centre block and the "petals" make me think of spring.