Monday, October 28, 2013

QR Codes Kill Kittens

As you may be aware, the people at Arts and Socks are really quite fond of kittens. We have fostered 120 of them so far.

Here are my current babies.

So last week, when Chapters / Indigo was featuring this book, I figured I had to buy it.
This book is a delightful picture book about people using technology poorly. Like a QR code on a banana, which takes you to a site that can't be viewed on a mobile device. Or people who use QR codes when a link or a phone number would work just as well.

I must make the disclaimer that I don't even own a Smartphone, so QR codes are lost on me any way, but this book is laugh out loud funny in the examples that the author has found to illustrate his premise. A technology should not be used, just because you can.

If you get a chance, read this book. You can also watch a presentation by the author, on YouTube.

And, in case you are wondering, I bought the book, and the review is my own opinion.

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  1. I'm not sure about QR codes, confess to total ignorance, but so love the kitten on the book cover, and your last two adoptees, nothing like hiding in the bottom drawer, or hoping someone will think you read all that paper by yourself. To have, to hold, and then to find a new home, your heart must be full of love and giving. Cheers, Jean.