Sunday, April 9, 2017

Is it Spring, Yet?

I had great plans to post this last Wednesday. However, I had a fire I had to put out, so I postponed it, and didn't get back to blogging until today.

I finished a pair of fingerless mitts, gave them away, and completely forgot to take a picture of the finished pair. The best I have to show you is the first one, and I apologize for the very fuzzy cell phone picture.

The pattern is Sonja's Fingerless Mitts, and I added a thumb gusset, instead of an afterthought thumb.

My counter has been decorated with the hope of spring.

I love the colour, my signature purple!

I cut some Forsythia to force.

With luck, by Easter, I will have lovely yellow flowers.

I managed to get the income tax done this week. As a reward I made Hot Cross Muffins.

I didn't bother to put the crosses on them, we were just going to eat them anyway. You can find the recipe here, if you want to try them. 

I also cast on the same glove pattern, four times, before I decided that it wasn't working for me. I have changed both the yarn and the pattern and we will see if that goes better. Meanwhile, my sewing room has been lonely for me, since other things have kept me out of it.

Perhaps this week will have more sewing time.

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  1. Lovely purple tulips! We had a little taste of spring yesterday. It was a gorgeous day. The next few days we have flurries in the forecast, though. Boooo!

    Love the fingerless mittens!!

    Good luck with the gloves. Some patterns/yarns just aren't worth the headache. ;)