Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Retreat Prep

Twice a year, I get the joy of spending the weekend, with a group of other crazys  like-minded individuals, and sew. We stop for meals, and eventually for sleep, but the majority of our time is spent sewing. Some of the ladies make large beautiful quilts. Me, I make small things, usually things I can finish in a weekend, or less.

In my ongoing efforts to reduce my stash, so I can justify buying more fabric, I pulled out some lovelies to use this weekend.

First up, I cut up some of my beloved Laurel Burch.

I've been hoarding holding on to this piece for a long time. Now I can enjoy it more often, as it becomes a knitting project bag.

I found this lovely, just waiting to join the party.

See how well it goes with the Laurel Burch.

The pieces are cut and have had their interfacing and fleece fused to the back. They are currently cooling, because the fusibles stick much better if they are allowed to chill for awhile.

Next up will be a bag for my baby boy.

The black print is actually an IKEA home dec fabric from a few years ago, so I think I can skip the interfacing and just add fleece. I bought the polka dot fabric, because I didn't have much that I could use for a lining.

The other thing I realized that I have been hanging onto for too long, are blades for my rotary cutter. I have about 20 in my stash, and I don't remember when I changed my blade, last. So, today, I put a new blade in the cutter. It works so much better with a sharp blade.


  1. Retreats are great! It is more about spending time with like minded ladies who understand everything one says. Love the Laurel Birch fabric, it is a Beauty.

  2. great fabrics, and to have them fused, and ready to go is a huge head-start.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics! Especially the Laurel Burch. It goes so well with the purple. Nice selections.

    A new blade? Woohoo!

    Have fun at the retreat.

  4. YEARS ago I bought a five-pack of rotary blades and I think I have three left. I didn't realize it until now, haha--I should probably change it.

  5. Looks like you're well prepared. Hope you have fun!

  6. Lovely fabrics. Enjoy your time with like minded friends.

  7. Lovely fabrics. Enjoy your time with like minded friends.

  8. I'm in a bit of a stash acquisition mode at the moment. I really must finish the current projects so I can start a new one.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.