Monday, April 17, 2017

The March of Technology or Spring Cleanup, Day 2

I have been working on trying to put things into homes. The toughest part of sorting stuff, is that it needs to go into a permanent home, not just a temporary away. Of course, this means, for some things, figuring out what that home needs to look like.

Today, I was emptying some "temporary aways", boxes or bins that contain a collection of unrelated items. The buttons are now in the bin labelled buttons, the patterns are filed. Fabric scraps are classified and sorted into the appropriate container. I'm on my second bag for the kindergarten.

However, I turned up a bag of good intentions. I bought this pattern, quite awhile ago. I loved it.

If you look carefully, you will see that it is a case for a flip phone. It is terribly cute, and I made one as a Christmas gift. I would toss that pattern now, since it isn't really useful any more. However, in the same bag I found this.

This is just the fronts. I have cut out all the pieces to make 3 more of the cases. The fabric is purple, with silver sparkles. I tucked the bag away, and found it today. I own a smart phone. I am sure it won't fit in this case. So, now the question is: Do I toss everything, or repurpose the cut pieces. In my mind, these become cute pockets for a tote bag. So, I think these pieces will stay in my stash, and the rest will become scraps.


  1. "A bag of good intentions" -- haha! I have several of those.

  2. I see 3little kittens with no mittens. They will become something else. And they still make those flip phones sew who knows you may be sewing one up for a friend.
    In stitches

  3. I was thinking they might make a nice change purse but pockets work. It's amazing what a bit of cleaning up will unearth.