Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Last year, I was busy making bandana bibs for my not yet arrived grandson.

However, he is now nine months old, and these bibs are not big enough. He eats real food now. So he needs bigger bibs.

I found a pattern for Knot Bibs, that looked perfect. 

So I went into my fat quarter stash, and whipped up a couple of bibs for Nana's house.

The bibs have a buttonhole on one side and a knot on the other. The knot passes through the buttonhole to hold the bib around the neck. I think it is genius.

The fabric is Laurel Burch. I believe it was a gift from someone who knows I like Laurel Burch, and it was perfect for a bib for a baby boy, bright and colourful. The bibs are backed with some flannel left over from pillowcases.

In the background, you can see my teacup, so I thought I should take a picture of the bibs with his teacup.

He gets Royal Doulton Peter Rabbit. It was a gift to his Daddy, and Daddy and I shared many tea parties. Now it is the next generation's turn. He just has to get passed the sippy cup phase.

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  1. Cute bibs......and yes, a genius idea indeed! My older son still has his Bunnikins bowl and mug, but I don't know whether his little boy is allowed to use them.

  2. Those bibs are adorable! Love the cup, babies have the nicest China. When is teatime?...

  3. That knot instead of a button IS genius!!

  4. Hi Kate,
    Love those Bibs, so pretty, the knot instead of a button
    is awesome. Have a great day!