Friday, September 8, 2017

Plan B

Last week, I showed you the yarn and beads I planned to use for 1001 Nights. Sadly, the best laid plans don't always work. I discovered that my yarn was too dark to be able to read my knitting, except in very bright light. It has rained everyday this week, so bright light has been at a premium. On to Plan B.

Plan B involved a trip to the LQS, where I came home with some lovely Drops Lace, a silk and alpaca blend. Since the bead shop is conveniently located in the same mall, I bought 2250 size 8/0 Iridescent Blue beads.

Of course, the beads are smaller then my usual, which necessitated a second trip to the store, to buy a smaller crochet hook. A 0.6 mm hook is really tiny.

Want to see how it is going now?

You will have to click on the picture to see all the tiny beads. I am doing 9 repeats of the lace pattern. I currently have over 200 stitches on my needle. One row takes a very long time and a lot of concentration, so progress is slow but steady. I am trying to do at least 2 rows, every day.

Anne-Lise, the designer, is currently having a picture contest in her group on Ravelry, where you are to show your shawl at a party. My shawl is attending a Teddy Bear Picnic. With all the rain I suggested that the teddies have their picnic at the dining room table, and I let them use my good teacups.

This is Marmy, with her own teddy, and Twila, in the hat. The shawl has progressed a bit since the previous picture. The cup is Trillium, by Royal Albert. They will be having lemon zucchini bread, and strawberries with their tea.

I found a really cute and sensible bracelet, at one of the yarn shops.

It is a leather tape measure bracelet and it is accurate, so you can use it to measure your knitting, of sewing projects. It is 17" long, so it is perfect for travelling knitting projects, like socks or hats.

While I was at the yarn shop, I accidently came home with a cake of Katia Spring Rainbow. It has become my knitting for when I don't want to concentrate, and follow the lace charts.

The pattern is a simple, reversible triangle shawl. No beads!

My grandbaby has suddenly gotten mobile, so this week, I moved a bunch of stuff our of his reach.

My nail polish is now on a much higher shelf and while I was at it, I tossed the colours I never wear, and sorted the baskets by colour. Serious organization! Nail treatments, decals, and other accessories are in the left basket, the middle one is reds and pinks, and the right one is blues and purples.


  1. That's a lot of beads, teeny weeny little beads....but the result is so pretty! Ana a fun tea party too. Yes, there comes a time when suddenly everything in a little person's life is at just the right height to explore.....

  2. Love the Teddy bear picnic. The cup is just perfect! Can we all get an invite too? Your shawl with all the beautiful yarn and beads music be at the top of the tea talk.

  3. Love your idea of a Teddy Bear Picnic for your shawl party!! Fun!