Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten Things This Summer

Pam, from Mad About Patchwork, has inspired me to create a list of goals for the summer. so Here goes:

1. Finish my Tipsy Socks.  I am nearly finished the first sock, but I suffer from second sock syndrome. I was feeling the pull to cast on something new, last night. Must finish both socks!

2. Get Ahead on My Reading For My Book Club  I have a list of 5 books, all good literature, I am sure, but I am prone to read cozy mysteries and the like, during the summer. I have started "The Imposter Bride", but it isn't backyard, under a tree reading, in my mind.

3. Actually Quilt One of my Many Quilt Tops I have a pile of them that need two more layers to be complete. I think first up should be the last one finished (LIFO), so I will put my Maritime Beauty first on the list.
4. Clean Up My Office, and Get the Filing Done I am so far behind in my filing, that you can't see my desk, for the filing pile. If I can get this all cleaned up, I have promised myself a new desk, with room on it for my computer and my printer. I have it all picked out, at Ikea, but I am not moving my mess onto a nice new desk.

5. Knit a Shawl I have been wanting to do this for awhile, and summer seems like a good time to knit one. A little elf gave me some yarn and beads, so I just need to get out my needles and go. (after completing #1)

6. Get to know my Vintage Singer Machine A lovely old Singer (I think it was built in 1939) followed me home one day, 2 years ago. I took it to the sewing machine hospital, to be cleaned, and otther than sewing on it for a brief time after it came home, I haven't really used it. I think it might be great for quilting, so I need to pick a quilt that needs straight line quilting, and give it a go.
7. Find My Sewing Room, Again. I am embarrassed to show you a picture of what it currently looks like.

8. Visit Mrs Pugsley's Quilt Emporium  This is a new quilt shop, scheduled to open sometime this summer, in Amherst, NS. I expect to be down that way, in early September. More information can be found here.

9. Write a Pattern for my Halloween Placemats  Some of my friends want to make similar placemats and asked me for the pattern.
10. Make Another Bra I made some mistakes on my second one, so I need to make another one (or two).

An ambitious list, I hope I can get through it all. Of course there are about 10 weeks of summer left, so I have a chance.

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  1. From my point of view, 10 goals seem like a lot. Unless you count getting dressed each day as one of them. Your socks are lovely!! Your Singer looks a lot like the one I inherited from my mother. I found the bill of sale for it dated Christmas 1949, where it says it's a surprise gift for her (from my dad). Makes me a little sad to wonder where the years went. Maybe I should do a little machine quilting with mine, too.