Thursday, September 19, 2013

Maritime Visit

We are just back from visiting southern New Brunswick, northern Nova Scotia, and Charlottetown, PEI.
I realized after we got back, that I have no pictures of PEI. I suspect this is because we never left the city, and I like to take pictures of scenery.
I will share a few pictures from our trip.
This is a stowaway in my luggage, who wanted to come west. He has moved to his new home now.

A sampler of beer from the Pumphouse Brewery (I was drinking their house made rootbeer).

Sunset and moonrise over the Petitcodiac River. I thought the clouds were really interesting. The flags are Canada, New Brunswick, the Acadian flag, and City of Moncton.

I have some more pictures to show you in another blog.

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  1. That looks like a great trip, love the additional traveller. Cheers from Jean