Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Good Day to Stay Home

I got up this morning to this.

Of course, one of the advantages to being a knitter in this weather is this.
You can have warm feet and they can be cute, too! I made these socks last spring, as the weather was getting warmer, so today was their first outing.

Good weather to stay in and sew.
Christmas is coming so I am working on more gifts.
Like all my projects for dear ones.
This is a camera case to match last week's tote bag.
I was going to sew a velcro dot on it to keep it closed, but the dots were too sticky to get a needle through. On to plan "B", I guess.

Keep warm!

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  1. Love your socks--it is satisfying to have nice wooly socks on isn't it!

  2. Thank you for the picture of winter. Love your socks.

  3. That's what it looked like here too. Lucky you to have such great socks to 'weather' the storm though! :)