Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Since there is often snow on the ground here, by the time our southern neighbours celebrate Thanksgiving, I can understand why ours is in October.

Things have been fairly quiet around Arts and Socks. Dolly started our weekend off with a bang, by having a close and personal encounter with a skunk in our backyard. Now, I would think that a bright girl, who has had a skunk encounter before, would have sense enough to run the other way, instead of running up to the skunk, barking! Now, every time we leave the house, we are sniffing our clothes and shoes and wondering if they smell, since our noses can no longer smell anything.

My "grandcat" Mike is spending the weekend, while his people are away. He is having a bit of a problem trying to decide where he would like to have his personal "spot".

Here he is trying out my antique Singer machine.

He is a big boy, and I think he decided that the sewing machine cabinet was a bit small for his liking.

So here he is, trying out the top of the bookcase.

Much roomier! We put a blanket up there for him.

I have been making a pair of yoga socks. Since I couldn't find a pattern I liked, I combined some ideas from other patterns.
Michelle kindly modeled them for me, at Knit Knight.

I can't guarantee they are both the same, because I didn't take very good notes on the first sock and had to try and count my rows from the first for the second.  The Knit Knight ladies liked them, so I guess they will do.


  1. Mike is a gorgeous boy...I have a soft spot for ginger cats, we had one for several years. Love that pretty yarn!

  2. Mike has the right idea, and as I am a real fan of ginger boys, he is gorgeous. Lovely socks too. Cheers.Jean.

  3. Your yoga socks are very pretty! As for the skunk smell, I can vouch for the efficacy of vinegar. It takes the stink away on contact. I've often used it on cats and dogs, as well as walls and furniture. Just rub it into the wee beasties' fur while telling them how stupidly they behaved. Easier than bathing them....