Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Elections and Socks

I spent Monday, hanging out in a local church, aiding the democratic process. Canada had an election, and I was a Poll Clerk. I heard a lot about how old fashioned the process was, and it is. Of course, no one has yet to develop one that is as secure as the process we use. Take two people, who don't know each other, place them at a table, and have each of them watch the other to make sure everything is done properly. Each of us have our own job, but we are each trained to do either job. We keep each other honest and there is no doubt of the secrecy or security of the poll. It is rather beautiful in its simplicity.

I love the election process. I think I have worked at 12 elections now. I love seeing young people cast their first vote. I love helping elderly people vote. My favourite is helping new Canadians vote for the first time. Many have come from countries where they couldn't vote. The smiles on their faces as they put their ballots in the box is wonderful. It makes me feel like I have a small part in making history.

Of course, some elections, there are long periods when we have nothing to do, so I take my knitting. That was not the case in this election. We were busy until the Blue Jays game started! However, I did get a bit of knitting done at the poll and more done yesterday, as I recovered.

My election socks.
I actually only got as far as the white stripe at the poll. This is the Turtlepurl yarn, I bought in Moncton.

On the weekend, I knit a pair of baby socks, because I could.

They are knit in My First Regia, using Kate Atherly's Baby Sock Pattern. I added a garter twist to the cuff.

Today, Feist, Royce, and Sterling went back to the shelter, to start their journey to adoption. They have been replaced by three tiny orange guys.

No names yet, but I expect they will be lots of fun.


  1. Dear Kate

    Those kittens are cute, the orange stripe one with lots of fluff can hop into my pocket anytime. Elections are good, the first time I ever voted was at the age of twenty seven. Prior to that my vote would not have brought about any change. It is wonderful to help create change for the good of mankind. Those socks is vibrant, will not loose you in the snow!

  2. Voting, security is so important, and you have played your part so well. Love the socks, but three balls of fluff, I would have them all ,if only we lived closer, thousands of kms closer!!!

  3. Oh, Kate. Those kittens are so cute.

  4. Nice to hear your election tale. i never miss a chance to vote. This year, I had to vote real early as I was going to miss all the advance polls and election day. It is great to know that even though my calendar was tough, I was still able to vote.

    Great yarn for the election socks.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.