Monday, May 9, 2016

Help For Fort McMurray

By now, most of the world knows about the devastating wild fires in Northern Alberta.

We all wonder how we can help. I came across this interesting article, from Charity Intelligence Canada, which talks about ways we can help.

The article talks about how, during Canadian disasters, most of the support for people comes from the community groups nearby. They are the best ones to see the needs, and understand the best ways to solve them.

I also read a story about Canada North Airline, helping to evacuate people and their pets from Fort McMurray.  I did a bit of online research and discovered that the Edmonton Humane Society is providing housing for pets, until they can be reunited with their owners, and giving pet food to evacuees with pets who are staying with family or friends in Edmonton.

I talked this over with Dolly and Doug, and they thought we should help. So we sent a donation to the Edmonton Humane Society's Fort McMurray Wildfire Fund. They promise that any money they don't use will be forwarded to the Fort McMurray SPCA.

If you would like to help, the Charity Intelligence Canada article gives you several local options.

Doug knows all dogs need cookies.
Dolly wants to help.
Don't they look earnest?


  1. I think everyone somewhere in the world is feeling sadness and total shock at the devastation, and want to help. This is one wonderful way.

  2. They do indeed. After the devastating fires in Australia several years ago - 173 people died - community groups, charities and individuals rushed to help with offers of help, household goods, quilts, most of which was no use if you had no home to put them in - my husband and I donated to a wildlife rescue organisation. Many animals were burnt, lost their habitat or died in the fires and the need to look after them was important.

  3. Kate, you are a treasure! Thank you for this. I did not know about this fund. Doug and Dolly are very sweet, and they do look serious about this. Tell them I'm on board.

  4. May I also suggest "The Quilt Pattern Magazine's" Kennel Quilt Program? Over 6,000 Kennel Quilts have been made and distributed to shelters after disasters and to quilters' local shelters in need. -

    1. Many shelters do not take quilts, because they can't be bleached. Please check with any organization that you might be considering sending kennel quilts, to make sure they can use them.

  5. Kate - TQPM only sends them out to shelters which request them. Petfinder lets us
    know where the needs are, especially after disasters. The quilts are small (12 x 18
    inches) and personal to the pet who receives one. They are already clean upon arrival
    and they go home with each pet when adopted. They are not transferred from pet to
    pet. Shelters have been happy to have them as have the cats and dogs who receive them.
    To date, our quilters have made and sent over 6,000 kennel quilts. - And yes, here in Canada, it is best to check first as you have recommended. - If a shelter wants them, they should make their request to Petfinder and Petfinder will let us know where to send them because in some cases, after a disaster, the shelter and/or the animals may be temporarily housed elsewhere. Shelters definitely need donations for food which is of prime importance. Quilts are a matter of comfort for pets, which is also important.

  6. Dolly and Doug are amazing, they are amazing Ambassadors for all their fellow friends with paws. We can all learn from them!