Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Work In Progress

Since we had visitors over the past few days, some of my work in progress has included SHOPPING!

I have been very good about shopping my stash and only buying what I needed, however, I added a few things to the stash, this week.

Some Tula Pink, three pieces were a gift and the other two wanted to come home and play with the others. There are a couple of batiks, to fill a special request, and some polka dots, because who doesn't like bright dots. a total of 3 3/4 yards (or maybe metres) and I have plans for much of it.

Yesterday, I spent some time in waiting rooms, waiting for a dear one. This is the result.
My favourite waiting room project must be baby socks. a tiny bit of love that knits up quickly and I don't really need the pattern. The yarn is leftover from a pair of adult socks from last year, so more stash shopping.

The household cat duties this week have been assigned to Loxley.
He has spent a considerable amount of time in the shelter, so he is delighting in windows, sunbeams, and silly kitty toys. I caught the picture while he was chipmunk watching. The chipmunk was busy emptying the bird feeder.

I got back into my sewing room today, and started a new bag. This one is quite small, good for taking on quick outings. I dipped into my stash and found a wonderful piece I've been saving. It was a gift from one of my sweet friends, who knew I would love it. I have been busy fussy cutting to show it to its best advantage while trying not to waste too much.

The orange cat is knitting. Beside her, a little one is coming over the seat to steal the bag of jelly fishes.

This one has a fabulous handbag.

Obviously, this is a very scary scene in the movie.

I will not be parting with this bag. I will enjoy it thoroughly.

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  1. Loxley, you are a handsome little feller! Pretty sure I have some of that yellow batik in my's such a cheerful happy colour, I love it. That is really cute cat fabric, I have seen fabric cats doing many things but never sen them at the movies before.

  2. Loxley, you are a great dude, handsome and with those lovely eyes, as for the fabric, utterly gorgeous.Definitely a bag for yourself.

  3. Love the Kitty with the popcorn.

  4. The cat fabric is awesome. I wish I could knit as I seem to be spending lots of time is waiting rooms lately:)

  5. Oh, my gosh! I can't believe that cats-in-a-movie-theatre fabric!! That is so adorable. No wonder you're keeping the bag for yourself.

  6. that cat fabric is adorable. purr.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.