Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Diaper Bag - DONE!!!

I often underestimate how long a bag is going to take me to make. I have been making the Highline Tote by Betz White, and I have been working on it for over 3 weeks. Most days I have been working for at least an hour, so I am guessing this bag took close to 25 hours to complete. If I make the bag again, there are some things I will do differently, but on the whole, I am quite pleased with this bag.

Want to see it?

The bag has  a zippered top, and two large outer pockets. These pockets can hide the handles or straps that aren't in use. It has handles to carry it.

Some clever straps that can be used as a backpack or zipped together to carry on one shoulder.

A zippered pocket outside, under the flap, and another inside.

A divided slip pocket for diapers and wipes.

And a carabiner, to hang keys from so they can be found in a hurry. The middle of the bag has lots of room for a change of clothes, bibs, snacks, a book for Mommie to read.

When I finished the bag I was doing my final ironing, and I had my hand inside holding my tailor's ham, to smooth everything out. I got up near the top zipper, and I felt a lump in the seam. I put down the iron and the ham, and felt again. I discovered I had left a Wonder Clip inside the bag. So, I had to open the seam in the bottom of the lining, and fish the clip out. Am I the only one these things happen too?

I love to go to craft shows and get ideas. I usually come away without buying anything. However, this weekend, I went to an Artwear show and sale. This is what followed me home.

This lovely jacket is much more purple then the picture shows. (why do cameras hate purple?) While I am quite capable of making the hoodie, I would not have managed those lovely embroidered feathers. I expect it is going to become a frequent choice this winter.


  1. The bag and jacket are both quite lovely!

    -- Leanna

  2. What a great bad, and the carabiner for keys, very useful. I have just finished a surprise laptop bag for a friend, she has a brand new laptop.Dropped it off, said " Happy surprise nothing day", made sure the laptop fitted ( it did as I had checked mine, the same size) she was thrilled and SOOO happy. Lovely top, sometimes we do have to buy that special garment.

  3. Oops,spelling error, should be BAG, not "bad".

  4. What a clever bag, it has many nifty ideas! Yes, you definitely need a feathered hoodie.

  5. The bag looks amazing! It must have been a laboratory of love. Clover clips needs little beepers on them, so they can let us know when one has been left behind, that would be the best buddy system. Maybe somebody could invent a "find the clips" app? Would be nice.

  6. Wow, that's a great bag!!!
    Did you start to go mad towards the end of all those hours worked? I would be sitting there thinking "come oooon! I just want to be done!"

  7. Love the bag! It turned out awesome. It's great that you can hide the handles that aren't in use. Love those skinny backpack ones. I'd use this bag!!! But not for diapers, of course. ;)

    Great hoodie, too. I love the feather motif.

  8. The bag is amazing. I sure hope they appreciate the work that went into it! And the hoodie - well you are making another crafter happy.

  9. I love your bag. All those hours, but such a lovely bag, in the end. You already know how much I like those foxes.