Tuesday, May 16, 2017

More Spring Cleaning

When we first bought this house, we would sit on the patio, swat mosquitoes, and say to each other, "We need to cover in the patio." At the time we were house rich, and money poor, so it went on the list of dreams. Eventually we saved enough to create the space of our dreams, and from May until October, it becomes the focal space of the house.

However, it is an unheated space, so it serves as an airlock for the dogs and a home for outdoor things during the winter. Today, we declared winter over, and did the annual clean out of the sunroom.

It is now ready to serve as a refuge for knitters and readers. It is a playroom for little cats.

There is a table and chairs for meals, and nearly all meals will now be consumed here, from now on. The wooden benches will become home to pots of flowers, as soon as I go to the garden centre and get some.

Since spring is now officially here, I have pictures of the last cool weather knitting.

Fingerless gloves, I need to spend 5 minutes and finish the second thumb. I might need them come fall.

One last pair of socks in size 6 months, "Jett" will need bigger ones in the fall.

The first spring start is a shawl.

It is called "Into the Woods Owl Shawl" and it will have owls.

In more spring news, my Canada 150 tulips bloomed.

Does anyone besides me see a problem here? I planted 30 in clumps of 5 bulbs last fall.

They all look like this. For those who are unfamiliar with Canada 150 Tulips, they were advertised as being white with red stripes, like the Canadian flag. They look really yellow to me. apparently I am not the only one with this problem. Oh, well.


  1. Yellow it is!!! Beautiful shawl, and the outdoor room, lovely to be in spring, and have meals there every day.

  2. What a lovely almost-outdoor space! Well, your tulips don't look white to me either - they are very pretty, but they're not white. Love the knitting too, it's knitting weather here now.

  3. Isn't it great when you can clean off your outdoor space for the warmer weather? My mom did her porch recently, and I made a new swing cushion for her, and with that and a few other new things it looks so bright and inviting after a long rainy spring.

  4. I love your sunroom!! It's nice to have a mosquito free place to enjoy the summer. We've talked about getting one off and on for years, but nothing has materialized yet.

    Great fingerless mitts, cute socks, and beautiful shawl. I especially love the colour. I've added it to my never-ending library. ;)

    I was kicking myself for not getting those tulips last year, but now I don't feel as bad. Those tulips definitely aren't white. That's really too bad. They are still beautiful, though. I have a few hybrids in my garden that aren't exactly as advertised, but nothing that out of whack.

  5. What a lovely sunroom. No wonder you get so much knitting done. The little socks are sweet.

  6. I haven't been out to look at my tulips yet. I planted 25 but only 5 seem to have buds. Hopefully the rest will come later. I've heard a lot of folks are complaining about the colors.

    1. Just went out for a look. Two are red and white, one is PURE yellow, the other two aren't open enough to tell yet thought he tips are red.

  7. Very nice sun room. It's great to be able to sit outside and read/knit/dine.

    Love the shawl, it's looking great. I have one I want to start, but must finish some socks that I have been procrastinating over for quite some time.

    Tanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.