Friday, June 23, 2017

Prairie Girl

I was surprised when someone noticed that I had been missing for a week. I took a trip.

Before I left, I made myself a new bag. I actually made it in about 3 days, around getting ready for the trip

This is Prairie Girl by Emmaline Bags.

I saw this fabric on the Mad About Patchwork website and knew I needed it.  It is part of the Maker Maker line and it is a cotton linen blend, perfect for this bag. Luckily, I managed to get to the store before it sold out, because it sold out quickly.

When I brought it into my sewing room, another fabric that had been resting there for awhile, stuck its hand up and declared it to be the perfect lining. I agreed.

Pink paisley cats just seem to make the lining pop. Exactly what I was looking for. The front pocket served as my wallet, lightening my load.

It also has two large inner sections, that are big enough to stow my tablet, phone, just about everything I needed in transit. Add to that a cross body strap for running between flights, and it becomes the ideal travel companion.

And, because of the name, I felt it was necessary to take its picture, in Calgary airport. It is a prairie girl, after all.

Calgary was actually just a layover, on the way to Victoria.

This was a working trip, so my view of that lovely city was kind of limited.

The mountains in Washington, as seen from the overpass over the Pat Bay Highway.

A beautiful dogwood tree, in full bloom near the Starbucks we frequented.

The "flowers" of the dogwood, British Columbia's provincial flower.


  1. Now a bag with this much attitude has to go on many trips and lots of adventures! Love the cat fabric, the lining is just perfect.

  2. The bag will count up its trips, and those cats, perfect fabric. What a super pattern, saving a wallet, iPad bag, phone wallet and more. I am sure it was admired by many who walked by or sat next to you.

  3. What a great bag......and the fabrics are wonderful! Love seeing the pics (even though they are a little limited) of Victoria, it's such an interesting place.

  4. Wow! That is the perfect lining. Love that bag!!

  5. Gorgeous bag! Love the name, being a prairie girl myself. I love bright or lighter linings in bags because it makes it easier to find stuff.

    BTW, I, too, noticed you hadn't posted in awhile. I was hoping everything was okay with you. You were definitely missed. ;)