Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Public Service Announcement

I came home the other day and I could hear a strange buzzing noise. We often play the game of "What's That Noise?", and this time it turned out to be coming from my sewing room UPS. Turned out that the battery was dead and it showed this by making a truly annoying noise.

It is fixed now, and I am back in business. However, I wondered how many of you have a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) attached to your sewing machine. They look like this:

This is the one under my desk. It was easier to take a picture of this one, then the one in the sewing room. We have these all over the house. Each computer, the TV and PVR, and, of course, my sewing machines. They cost $50 to $100. They have serious surge protection and a battery to balance the power levels in the case of brownouts. My sewing machine cost a small fortune (worth every penny) and the computer can be completely fried by power fluctuations. I am not willing to risk that. These UPS units come with an insurance policy that will replace the equipment plugged into it, in the case where the UPS fails, and equipment is damaged. It just seems like a good idea.

I have started work on a new bag, but I am not far enough along to show pictures, so instead, I bring you my current foster.

This is Ti-Gars (pronounced tee-gah) and he is part flame point Himalayan. He is a handsome boy, and has a very sweet personality.

He is also very well mannered. You will notice that when he sleeps on the table, he makes sure he is on a placemat.


  1. Maybe he needs a place mat with his name on!! He is gorgeous. UPS, we call them surge protectors, and they also provide a guarantee to stop a device from frying. However I had one that didn't and my Canon camera battery that was on the charger died, as did the charger. I had to get a local electrician to test it all, write a report, then the whole lot had to go to Auckland then Australia. So glad yours is all working well now.

  2. Ti-Gars is indeed a handsome boy! We have surge protectors, our power plugs have three prongs as they have an earth plug. Aussie voltage is different to Canadian.

  3. Ti-Gars looks very soft. What a cutie!

  4. Adorable cat! I would adopt him.

  5. What a cutie. Cats just know, they get us every time. South Africa have the same, as Australia (220V) compared to Canada at 110 V. Moving with this can cause quite a headache for any electronic equipment!