Thursday, November 9, 2017

Bendy Bag

Awhile ago, Craftsy offered a free viewing day, where you could watch all the classes you wanted, for free. I watched Joan Hawley's "Zip It Up" and really enjoyed it. So when Craftsy offered me a deal on the class, last week, I bought it, so I could watch it again, and get the patterns.

I was doing some tidying after retreat, and decided to reward myself, by playing. I grabbed two fat quarters from my stash, a zipper, and some scraps of fusible fleece, and made a Bendy Bag.

I used another of my Laurel Burch fat quarters. I am not out yet! This one is from Secret Jungle.

The bag uses the piece of zipper you cut off, to make a tab on the back. Not sure how useful that is.

It has a nice bright yellow lining. If I make it again, I will do the ends of the zipper like I do my usual zipper pouches.

It isn't very big, not large enough for a knitting project bag, but it might be handy for my chargers, when I go to retreat (and maybe the camera, so I know where it is.)

I was inspired to sort my zippers. I had them all in one large drawer, but I was spending a lot of time having to measure a zipper, when I pulled it out to make sure it was the right size.

A friend gave me this drawer unit that she wasn't using, so now I have six shallow drawers of zippers. It makes things much easier. Thanks, Michelle.

For the kitten fans...

Count the ears, and divide by 2 and you get 4!


  1. FOUR little adorables, they have my tick for today, and a squishy bag, perfect for cords or little things that can get lost so easily.

  2. Love the bag. Love the kittens. Love the fact that you're so organized. (My sewing room is a total mess right now.)

  3. Your Bendy bag looks very funky and happy! The kittens are adorable. The zippers all organized by size is a fantastic idea.

  4. The bag turned out lovely.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.