Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Where Did I Go?

I feel like I have been doing lots of things, but none of it fits this space, so I have been absent for nearly a month. How did that happen?

First off, I have been building a blog for  a group I belong to. I had forgotten how long it takes to set up a blog. Of course, I also had to get the others in the group to give me input on what it should include. I think the basis is now there and it will be live today. Hopefully, it will take less time, going forward.

Meanwhile, I have been knitting.

I started a brioche scarf, and it is progressing slowly.

Some Paton's Classic Wool that I got at the Spinrite Tent Sale  a few years ago.

This is the solid side.

Yesterday, I starting working on the quilt of a project on my To Be Quilted pile.

It is just a table topper so it should be finished shortly. The quilting thread is a bit dark for the light sections, but I think it is okay. I need to check my stash for a binding.

I have been doing some sorting and tidying and these two fabrics jumped out as belonging together. I think they want to be a bag.

One is a quilting cotton and the other is a twill, both from Japan. I think the darker one would make a nice lining for a purse flap.


  1. The bag fabrics are beautiful, and the table topper, love the colours there too. A new blog, when I began mine, I was so disappointed when there were no or only one comment. In time I learnt how to make it more fun, add better photos, and then find friends world wide as I expanded the contents. Down here, packing almost done, and we will know in a few days if we have a new home. Your scarf, that is so warm looking.

  2. That scarf looks warm! I still haven't been successful with brioche, but it's on my list. Looks like you're a pro at it!

  3. A Brioche scarf looks exciting even though I don't really know how it's different from a non-brioche scarf. Also I'd love to learn to bake a brioche loaf one day. The months are flying by, aren't they?

  4. Your scarf will be nice and cosy. Love the Japanese fabrics. xx