Tuesday, January 14, 2020

January Fun

I've been doing some sewing, making a zippered pouch for a swap I participated in. I will show you my pouch and the one I received after my swap mate receives her parcel. However, I thought you might like to see my mailbox adventure, when I went to pick up my parcel from the swap.

We had 3 days or rain, freezing rain, snow, and frigid temperatures. This resulted in the door on my community mailbox freezing shut. When this happens, you can inform Canada Post, and they will send someone (eventually) or you can do a bit of DIY.

A zipper bag full of hot water, held to the door, will eventually thaw the ice, and allow the door to open. The ledges at the bottom of the doors on all the boxes had a buildup of ice. I will admit that after I got my door open, my neighbours were on their own. I also took a towel, and dried off the ledge and the door, so it wouldn't freeze again, after I closed it.

My friend Maggie reminded me that I haven't yet posted pictures of the fall retreat, so here are a few, from October.

We had the biggest laugh of the weekend over this.

It was suppose to be a flying geese block, but the quilter didn't even notice that she had sewn the second piece on the wrong corner. We decided this "new" block she created was called Downward Goose. things get pretty silly by the end of a long day sewing.

In other news, after 9 months in our care, our foster cat, Mystique, has found her forever family, and gone to live with them. We are so happy for her, though we keep looking for her in the house.


  1. 9 months, and Mystique will have her loving new home, the gap will be filled again I'm sure. Love the projects, and the new block, like that way too.

  2. Perfect timing. We need show and tell when the weather is so cold and crazy. Well, the Canadian Geese flybsouth and they make sure the people down in Texas knows all about it. So this block is almost like looking down from the window in the sky, the birds eye view....

  3. What wonderful news for Mystique - she was such a sweetie. I like your friend's "new" block, she has done a great job. Frozen mail boxes are something to deal with in your part of the world, obviously! I love your retreat projects, and I specially love the top one.

  4. Frozen mail boxes sounds crazy! We had rain today and I was whining about it. I really shouldn't whine about rain when you have frigid temperature!