Friday, March 20, 2020

Week One of Social Distancing

I have been playing in my sewing room, knitting and binge watching TV this week. I actually did some yoga and took a couple of walks, as well.

One of my projects this week, was to sort through some of my UFO sewing projects to decide what to do with them.  I watched a video awhile ago on dealing with your UFO's by Just Get It Done quilts.  So I am using her method to sort things.

I actually let go of two projects that I realized I no longer liked. Once I realized I didn't like them, it was easy to let them go. It was very liberating.

I also found two projects that I can finish easily if I make the project smaller. One was a twelve block embroidered quilt. I realized that I could make it six blocks and have a nice little wall hanging. Five of those six blocks are done, and the sixth needs only a small amount of effort to finish.

The second one was a tablerunner, that I had seriously over reached on. I had planned to make it about 12 feet long. In looking at it, I realize that I didn't buy enough fabric and the sections took much longer that I had anticipated. This morning, I decided to put it to the top of the pile, and get it finished (in a much smaller size).

This is the Christmas side. It is quilt as you go, and strip pieced. This is the one end completed.

This is the other end, still in need of a triangle, and piecing.

This is the everyday side. If I were starting this now, I would use a lot more contrast in my fabric.  However, I will finish the last triangle, put the binding on, and call it done.

My short term goal is one UFO for every new project I finish. When I finish this, I get to start a new project. I have a pair of socks nearly done, so I will have to choose a knitting UFO to finish next.

My amaryllis are looking great, and brightening up my days.

We have a house guest, just now.

He is a friend's cat. She is trying to get home, but in the mean time, this guy is hanging with us. I have a serious soft spot for ginger boys.


  1. You can't fool me......I know azaleas when I see them! Very pretty flowers, just the same. I am also working on a UFO, in fact it was practically a USO - unstarted object - but its large box is taking up room on my sewing table, so I want it done.

  2. Love the variegated amarylllis. UFO's, I have so many, and can be occupied for a long time. The ginger fellow, he has love and safety with you, hope your friend can be home safely when travel allows her. Meantime, love the runner, and what a great idea, to ditch anything we do not want to finish, for the lack of love for it.

  3. I haven't been able to focus on any sewing at all because I find it stressful to be cooped up in my tiny flat with 3 other human beings. Also my sewing will contribute to the noise level. I think it's the noise that gets to me most. Instead of sewing, I keep starting new knitting projects. By the time all this is over, I'll have tons of knitting UFOs.

  4. I have a major UFO that was supposed to be done last winter for my S.I.L. It's a Mary Maxim picture sweater jacket that I keep messing up! Yesterday HIMSELF managed to get me a print out of the chart on double size paper. Hopefully that will help sort out the problem. I was almost finished the picture part and realized it didn't look ANYTHING like it was supposed to. After about an hour of going line by line, I realized I'd knit a purl row and vice versa.... Maybe sewing for a couple of days will trigger the reset button?