Monday, October 11, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving

 Yesterday, we sang "Come, you thankful people, come" because the second weekend in October is Thanksgiving in Canada. 

Today, I took a walk through my neighbourhood and local park to show you just why we might think it is time to give thanks.

This is where I live. Not right here, but this is a short walk from my house. The trees give us a wonderful show before we prepare for winter.

Some trees were at their finest last week.

Some have just started to turn.

Parks run between the streets and this was the park next to me, this afternoon.

The type of tree determines its colour. The colour, oddly, is really an absence of  chlorophyll. The green is gone, and this is what is left behind.

A few years ago, they redid the pathway through the park and added more trees.

So here is a little tree with small leaves, showing off its colour. This is a sugar maple, I think.

And this tree is at the entrance I use to go into the park.

Soon they will be bare and the only colours we will see are the hats, and scarves that keep us warm. So, for now, we will enjoy the colour and be thankful that this has been given to us.


  1. So beautiful......just three years ago we were enjoying those colours in person, sigh.....and eating turkey on Turkey Day.

  2. The colours are so deep where you in the North are living, down here, in the far south, those glorious autumn reds and golds are so much more vibrant. Get the hats and mitts ready.Today, in spring, we had torrential gales, heavy squalls, and hail!!!

  3. Gorgeous trees! Nature is always so humbling and makes us stop to pause and appreciate what surrounds us. The changing of the seasons. Not ready to think of the bare trees yet...

  4. Quite poetic. Love the photos with the old edges. Hoping to enjoy more of the colors with you Geocaching or Friday walks with KUC.

  5. Kate great autumn photos…we need to appreciate nature and take care to preserve some green space. Right now we are being surrounded by a concrete jungle. Enjoy the sunny days because as Canadians we know what season comes next …it is usually grey with some white added in.