Sunday, August 28, 2022

A Tiny Squirrel

I am suppose to be making masks for back to school, and I have a bunch of cutting finished. However, I got distracted by a family elder getting a new phone. A new phone would, of course, require a case. I measured the phone, pulled out some fabric and looked at my numbers. The numbers were very close to the size of the hand sanitizer pouches that I make. I had one sitting here, so I tried it, and it was a close fit but a bit pinched at the top.

See the problem? The top right corner is leaning toward the inside. So I pulled out my stitch ripper. and opened up the turning opening.

 Then I turned it inside out and trimmed the seam allowances at the join between the lining and the outside. Turned it back, and presto!

All nice and square now, after a 15 minute repair.  Of course, I'm still behind on the masks but I have time to cut some today.

My garden at the front is looking good with all the rain we have had. 

We have a serious pink theme this year! Sadly, the pots closer to the house have had invaders.

For some reason, the squirrels seem to be digging in the pots. The begonias are not happy. However, someone is happy to see squirrels.

Emme discovered that her yard has squirrels and she is thrilled. The kittens are settling in and decided this is their home. 

Linking up with Sandra for her DrEAMi party. Check out who else got distracted this month.


  1. My goodness, you have sewing squirrels & real ones. Well done on the thrifty alteration & hope it is much appreciated. I sometimes have a pink theme with my pots, but I'm hopeless when it comes to pink as it is my favourite colour. Thanks for visiting my blog too. Take care & hugs.

  2. That is such cute fabric! Good job on the alteration. I'm not a pink girl, but your rose is very pretty - have the squirrels discovered that roses are edible? We agree, Emme, we have found squirrels to be fun to watch because we don't have them here.

  3. Nice you could alter what you had already made--more time for all the other squirrels in our studios!!!

  4. Your remake turned out well - pretty fabric. Lovely pots, a drop of rain makes all the difference. xx

  5. Beautiful garden, love the pink rose!

  6. Oh how perfect that the hand sanitizer pouch for the new phone with a slight fix! So glad there are sewing squirrels and actual squirrels to keep everyone in the house amused!

  7. What great stuff...greatly done.
    I like roses... especially pink :-))

  8. Such a clever idea to alter the sanitiser pouch to fit the phone! You did a lovely job there!
    Barbara xx (Flashinscissors)