Monday, May 22, 2023

Holiday Bag Making

 In my part of the world, today is Victoria Day, the unofficial start of summer. It is our hope that from now until September, our weather will be warm enough not to require woolie hats and mittens (though the possibility exists.)

Since Saturday was wet, I got back to some sewing I had started over a month ago. I had the foolish idea that a simple phone wallet wouldn't take too long, and that I should make three of them at once. I spent a lot of time cutting out three bags, linings and stabilizers. I got everything fused into place, then I got distracted by some volunteer work that needed to be done.

I did make the inner zippered pockets for all three, but nothing else got done.

So, after a session on Saturday, I finished the back of the bag.

This is a new to me bag designer, and I followed that pattern, closely, thinking that she might know how it all goes together. That may have been a mistake. In the first place, she said to use an interfacing that is not my usual for the lining, because it would be thinner. Turns out, I don't like the one she suggested because it doesn't press as flat as my usual.

She also wanted the flap portion of the magnetic snap installed after the flap was finished. That proved nearly impossible. Not going to try that again. Fortunately, I have given up on the idea of making three at once, and I am just working on the one I am keeping. I will make all my mistakes here first.

Yesterday, I made the front of the bag.

It went better. The magnetic snap went in first. Of course, I should have put my bag label on at the same time. After the front was finished, the bag label couldn't go on the front without either sewing the pocket to the front, or ending up under the flap when it is closed.

So, it is now on the back of the bag.

Today, I made the card slots and slip pockets for the lining.

Learning from past mistakes, I checked to make sure that the card slots were the correct size to hold cards.

My first wallet ended up off centre and half the card slots were too small for cards. Now I keep a old card in my drawer to measure the slots. 

Now that I am using my own experience, I top stitched the tops of all the pockets. It makes a crisper fold that makes it easier to get the cards in and out. I discovered that a blind hem foot does and excellent job of keeping the top stitching even .

The foot has a step in it, so you can run the fold along the lower edge.

 The next step involves cutting the lining to match the outside. That seems like a good job for the beginning of a sewing session, not the end. So it can wait until tomorrow. Hopefully it will all come together quickly.

For the flower lovers, I have a picture of our apple trees.

They really look good this spring.

And, of course, Emme and Mudd. I think Emme is telling Mudd a secret.


  1. Hello to Emme and Mudd! Your apple trees are lovely. Inquiring minds have to ask: can you have a magnetic closure on a phone wallet without wiping the data off your phone?

  2. Some patterns go together so well, others have hidden glitches !!! There are so many free patterns now, I have a favourite that a friend lent me ( a forever loan) and I have altered it a little as the gathered sides were just too baggy.I don't think magnetic snaps would be a worry as my iphone case has a magnetic flap to close the cover.Talking together, mischief maybe ???

  3. The fabrics you're using are just lovely. So pretty and perfect for spring.

  4. Your phone case is impressive!

  5. This looks like a complicated project - good idea to get one done so you can avoid any dodgy bits on the rest. Looking forward to seeing it finished, I love the fabrics. xx

  6. Complicated bag you have in the works... I wish you the best of luck. The fabric is great. I sewed a lot of bags before I started making clothes for myself... it's always a challenge and it's so nice when the finished product is in front of you.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing yours.
    Much love from Viola.