Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Family Tree - Part 1

I have started another Mystery Knit Along (MKAL), because I seem to be a glutton for punishment.
Unlike the last 2, I managed to get the first clue finished without having to rip the whole thing out and start over. Perhaps it helped that I did a smaller sample of the tricky bits first!

the first clue is finished, 2 days early, and it doesn't look very exciting.
This is my Latvian Braid. I haven't tried this before, so it was a challenge for my brain.

I found a lovely blue for my main colour, that I like a lot better than the black I was auditioning last week.
I think it will make a nice shawl.

Meanwhile, since the sun was shining, for a change (it didn't last, raining again), I thought I should take some pictures to enjoy next winter. The wet weather has done good thing for my flowers.

I will look at these when the pots are covered by snow, six months from now.

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  1. Great colours in your shawl yarns AND in your flowers.